Here we are again with a deep scouting of the East European creative wave



BIAYNI by Vahan Khachatryan

Born and brought up in Yerevan, Armenia, Vahan Khachatryan is largely inspired by his family background and by his grandfather, a painter. After studying at Polimoda in Florence, he worked with enthusiasm at Dolce & Gabbana. Extensive travels in Middle Eastern countries were a strong inspiration, mixing exotic details with the refinement of the Italian baroque and the French rococo. On returning to Armenia, Vahan founded his fashion house in Yerevan.


Chakshyn is a womenswear brand with concept and style created by the designer duo Dima Chayun and Anton Yakshyn. Noted for its T-shirts with quotes and slogans and for its unmistakable trench coats. The designers explore the concept of interaction between masculine and feminine outfits, creating sophisticated dresses where the classic silhouette is modernised through a special artistic touch.




Art and fashion meet in the creations of Lusine, spirit and founder of FactiveFace designs. Having participated in Paris’s Haute Couture Week and the Art Georgia Exhibition, the label’s collections are characterised by the meticulous use of the designer’s patterns, which are always seeking an innovative way of expressing her artistic vision.



Elvira Gasanova, a dentist by trade, successfully launched her collection in Ukraine with great acclaim from the critics and the public, above all due to her customised denim jackets. Now many top models are wearing her clothes and the collections have expanded, including items that are tongue-in-cheek, such as the total white fur tracksuit, or chic, like the clean-cut blazer. 


Czech designer Jiri Kalfar, formerly a classical ballet dancer, has an innate sense of style. In his creations, elements linked to folk art meet innovative cuts and fluid shapes. His menswear relies on a strong agender identity, where the concept of gender is surpassed through an innovative stylistic crossover. In his womenswear, uncompromising femininity emerges thanks to a vibrant range of colours.




After her fashion design studies in Paris, Gvantsa Janashia from Georgia launched her own-name brand in Tbilisi in 1993 and was one of the first designers on the catwalk in Georgia. In 2002, Gvantsa founded the JANASHIA label and the bridalwear range White Corner. Closely linked to the art world, the designer brought out creations that reflect an ideal hip lifestyle, between luxury and urbanwear, where an aesthetic inspired by an intense freedom of expression is instilled with eclectic inspiration.



Armenian knitwear brand founded in 2014 by Inga Manykyan, designer and creative director, Loom creates clothing collections and knitted accessories that are really unique. A mix of embroidery stitched by hand in Armenian tradition and the most modern production technologies. Every item is distinguished by comfortable contours enhanced by inspired colour combinations, in the name of the highest quality.



Ukrainian brand founded in Kiev in 2015 by the designer Anastasia Klimenko, Nastasia Klimt has two basic values at its core: freedom of expression and choice. Subverting the classic stereotypes in fashion, it creates clothes that are bright and bold in style. Natural fabrics and delicate shapes free all movement, making each outfit ever more vibrant.



The combination of innovative technologies, different materials and working by hand that looks to the world of haute couture lies at the heart of the Ukrainian label Roly.Poly. A glamorous and alluring collection is born, ranging from bustiers enriched with embroidery to outfits that are mannish in style.




Modification, irony and exaggeration. Basics such as T-shirts, denim and sportswear have their original function deliberately muddled and reworked to provoke and amaze the onlooker, whose curiosity is piqued by these illogical yet absolutely appealing silhouettes.