Carl Jan Cruz

Ched Studio

Ex Infinitas

Francesco Rasola

Nous Etudions

Patricia Padron

Juan Hernandez Daels


Wali Mohammed Barrech


“Pambahay” (homewear) and “Pang-Alis” (outerwear), two collections for S/S 2018 that are an intimate reflection on the relationship between people and their everyday clothing. The designer, based in Manila fin the Philippines, looks to his native land for his brand’s first season. It’s an autobiographical vision, with nostalgic elements and innovative silhouettes and fabrics.



A collection that is a love letter dedicated to Hong Kong. It’s a celebration of its multicultural identity and ultramodern outlook that is rich in tradition and strongly multi-faceted.



Fusion of Australian manufacturing tradition and a romantic Parisian sensitivity. In his garments, Lukas Vincent combines the classic fashion glossary of ’70s surf culture with innovative geometry and experimental materials, for creations with fluid and minimal appeal that find their inspiration in strong contrasts.



The self-taught designer Francesco Rasola, assimilates every possible creative spark from everyday life. Music, design, art… all become a single entity in his creations. His 2018 S/S collection challenges the triviality in and outside fashion, starting with his title “2+2=5”. Streetwear is married to Italian style, with a surreal and witty handling of materials and shapes, subverting all pre-established concepts.



Belgian-Argentinian designer Juan Hernandez Daels studied at Antwerp’s Royal Academy of Fine Arts and at Central St Martins. His collections are noted at the Paris Fashion Week for their classic and tailored aesthetic balanced by a radical modernism. A mix of fluid forms and architectural structures reflect his Latin American soul that is blended with an avant-garde training.



The Argentinian Romina Cardillo describes herself as a communicator. She believes fashion is the vehicle for an important social message: care for the well-being of the ecosystem and the protection of its fauna. The garments in her collection are completely animal product free and take inspiration from the heritage of the aboriginal peoples of Argentina.



The luxury womenswear clothing brand from Venezuelan born Patricia Padròn aims at the perfect balance between colour, weightlessness and volume. Luxury materials and artisan craftsmanship meet in responsible production.



A brand that springs from the creativity of the Swedish designer Matilda Venczel, graduate of Antwerp’s Royal Academy. Venczel concentrates on form and functionality for her first bag and accessory collection made from prestigious leathers with artisan manufacture. At its centre, there is an exceptional geometric concept, with clean, linear silhouettes that infuse each accessory with a “razor-sharp” touch.



Barrech was born in Pakistan and moved to Germany when he was 14. After his degree at Antwerp’s Royal Academy, he launched his eponymous brand in 2013. Recently he has focused on accessories, launching his first collection of bags. An eclectic union of cultures, memories and references from all over the world, his practical, functional bags transcend the sculptural effect to become a defining style of everyday life.