The protagonists will be highly esteemed talents and young designers whose creative collections are becoming established on the international scene, who do not just come from countries like Italy and the United Kingdom but also from up-and-coming markets such as the Philippines, Thailand, Nigeria and Ukraine. An original selection of styles and trends for the 2015 spring-summer season, from total looks to accessories to special jewelry capsule collections! A selection of emerging brands will be presented in the new setting of Pavilion 3, Viale Scarampo - Gate 5, Milan, selected in collaboration with Sara Maino of Vogue Italia and Vogue Talents. The ideal receptacle for collections whose references are research and innovation, Super’s winning card is careful scouting!

Bradaric Ohmae

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Presented in Vienna in June 2011, Bradaric Ohmae was born from the creativity of Tanja Bradaric - born in 1984 - and Taro Ohmae - born in 1985 - with studies at the University for Applied Arts of Vienna, under the aegis of masters such as Raf Simons, Veronique Branquinho and Bernard Willhelm. Each collection explores the cultural and ethnic background of the two designers with an amazing artistic merge. At the basis of their style, a particular creative energy, that, through the use of innovative materials, patterns, kaleidoscopic colors and extreme cut, explores the feminine total look with a hybrid and androgynous style.

Charlie May

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British, based in London, Charlie May graduated in fashion design from the University of the West of England, Bristol.  Creative and eclectic, she has worked with a number of important fashion magazines and one of the most widely followed blogs in the UK.  After some experience working with Louise Goldin and Thomas Tait, in 2011 she created her own-name womenswear brand.  Thanks to a minimalist, androgynous style that strongly draws on the past, ,her creations soon began to become noticed on the international scene.  A constant presence at London Fashion Week since September 2012, Charlie has also recently worked with brands like Hudson Shoes, Gigi Burris and Eleven Everything.

Curated by Ek Thongprasert

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Founded in Bangkok in 2009 by Ek Thongprasert, who has a degree from the Royal College of Fine Arts in Antwerp, Curated is a menswear and womenswear brand that features design-inspired collections.  Garments suitable for everyday wear and contemporary lifestyle demands, carefully embellished with details and an allure of the past.  Ek Thongprasert’s work is distinguished by a strongly conceptual, almost philosophical approach to design: each collection is a combination of miscellaneous elements, with results that demonstrate a remarkable originality.

Ken Samudio

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Born in the Philippines, with a background as a marine biologist, self-taught Ken Samudio’s innate creativity led him to become an accessories designer. Nominated as one of the top 30 best designers under the age of 30 in 2012, Samudio is also a member of Manila Wear, a group of young creatives dedicated to promoting the Philippines as a fashion destination.  In February 2014 he was chosen by the British Fashion Council to represent his country in the International Fashion Showcase of London. Constantly inspired by the diversity of the marine eco-system, Samudio explores the shapes of nature, imitating their tactile features, textures and colors using local, sustainable and recyclable materials.  A socially conscious designer, he works with disadvantaged female minorities in his production house.

A womenswear brand founded in 2010 by architect and designer Yulia Paskal, Paskal stands out for the minimalism of its sculptural shapes that draws inspiration from the world of design, retro movies, classical music and Yulia’s personal vision of postmodern culture.  The designer’s collections feature graphic silhouettes portrayed through monochromatic ranges, where sartorial expertise is intertwined with innovative working processes in order  to generate unique articles.


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A lifestyle project ranging from photography to fashion design, Schield is the brand created by jewelry designer Roberto Ferlito and fashion photographer Diego Diaz Marin.  In their creations, the experimental nature of the design is combined with unusual yet precious research materials, paying meticulous attention to the detail and processing, with a wink at top-of-the-range jewelry.  Jewelry with a unique style, made entirely in Italy and finished by hand.

Timur Kim

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A graduate of Central St. Martins, based in London, Timur Kim set up his own-name brand in 2012.  With numerous references to his Korean and Russian origins, the sources of inspiration for his collections are very eclectic: from iconic XX century figures - Emiliano Zapata, Halston, David Lean’s Zhivago – to science and biology, from 60s pop culture to modernist ideologies.  Following his childhood passion, Timur Kim began his career in fashion at the age of 16, presenting his first collection at the St. Petersburg Fashion Week. He has collaborated with Pringle of Scotland and Oliver Sweeney, amongst others.

Yael Salomon

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Crafted in a small workshop in northern Thailand, the jewelry created by Yael Salomon – who has a background working in fashion for twenty years – consists of unique pieces inspired by the world of architecture and the designer’s travels.  Made in brass or gold-plated tin, silver or ruthenium, Salomon’s jewels are enriched with semi-precious stones from various parts of the world and realized using very traditional jewelry-making techniques, from casting to finishing.  Many celebrities love her unusual and innovative style which is applied to a mixture of shapes and materials. 


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Founded in 2007 by designer Ilenia Corti together with Matteo Mena, Vernissage celebrates the designer’s passion for nature and its every fragment of life. Like a black and white freeze frame, her jewels represent dreamlike visions through burnished silver filigrees whose spirals enclose diamonds, gemstones of agate, jade and amethyst  or fragments of mother-of-pearl.  Unique pieces produced in Italy following the rules of haute jewelry-making, capturing the allure of the animals to be found in a Museum of Natural Sciences, the portraits of nostalgic nature in the photos of Sarah Moon, or the illustrations taken from 18th century books on entomology.