A series of presentations featuring new talents in women’s fashions curated by Vogue Talents

Including: Caterina Gatta, Francesco Ballestrazzi, Carlo Contrada, Giancarlo Petriglia, Gianni Serra, and Arthur Arbesser who will show their collections in a dedicated area at SUPER – with their own unique staging and interaction with the audience

Caterina Gatta

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Roman designer Caterina Gatta presented ten one-of-a-kind items at the Lancetti Re-edition exhibition-event in January 2012 – items she created using Lancetti vintage fabrics. The idea of launching her own fashion line using fabrics by famous designers such as Gianni Versace, Yves Saint Laurent, Pierre Cardin, Christian Dior, Givenchy, Valentino, Ungaro and many others was dictated by her passion for fashions that draw strength from the past to leap into the future. 

23.02.2013 | from 1.00 pm to 3.00 pm | SUPER Piazza IV Febbraio - Milan

The space organized in a series of white frames, which represents the common thread of the collection’s background. These clothes for women, made of colourful and strong fabrics, will this way exit the frames, being put on by eight models, who will show at most the inspiration, in a modern version, to Frida Kahlo. Mannequins behind the frames will reflect at most the someone’s need of going beyond the schemes, exactly the way this great Mexican writer has always tried to live and to represent in her painting, in opposition to social conventions.


Francesco Ballestrazzi

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The 2013 F/W collection takes its inspiration from the world of Georgia O’Keeffe, the great American artist famous for her big paintings of abstract flowers. Looking at her early works of flowers and bulbs – the artist divided her time between New York and Hawaii -, Francesco Ballestrazzi translates those shapes and hues into matter using silk organza and velvet. The key items in the collection include the cloche with a layered, nuanced organza flower.

23.02.2013 | from 1.00 pm to 3.00 pm | SUPER Piazza IV Febbraio - Milan

O’ is the new collection of Francesco Ballestrazzi. Twelve new creations taken from the garden of art. An Eden garden that inspire the designer to mix fabrics and colours to sculpt the gentle soul that burst in the Georgia O’Keeffe’s painting. It’s in her masterpeices where Francesco dip his hands, and his creations take sensuality and soft eroticism, giving back a third dimension that maybe was lost in time. Making his own parallel between man and nature , he put on our head – fisically- a universal thinking.



Carlo Contrada

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Carlo Contrada puts couture inspiration to work with surfaces and textures revealing the infinite possibilities of traditional fabrics and the latest innovative materials, with total respect for craft techniques and Made in Italy excellence. The new collection, informed by the atmosphere of the theater is played out in soft fabrics, contrasting patterns and graphics that enhance  small fragments of fabric with a vintage look.

24.02.2013 | from 11.00 am to 2.00 pm | SUPER Piazza IV Febbraio - Milan

Il dado e I suoi pensieri (The Dice and Its Thoughts) is a video installation which projects frames from the Italian movie “Tempi moderni” with Charlie Chaplin, thus showing the inspiration for the collection named “Modern living”. The target here is to connect very unusual and spontaneous texture materials and colours the way frames areconnected in cinematographic projections.  “Life is like theatre, not in the sense of an acting performance, but in the sense of an interpretation of ourselves and our personality”, says the designer. Cinema and theatre are inspiration sources, because of their giving performances which capture the audience’s thoughts and attention.


Giancarlo Petriglia

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After working closely with key figures such as Nicolas Ghesquière, Vincent Darré, and Mariuccia Casadio, in 2011 Giancarlo Petriglia (born in 1973) decided to turn his talents to creating his own line of signature bags. His vision is informed by a concept of luxury and absolute production quality. All his pieces are skillfully assembled in Palermo where the designer draws on local craft skills and emotions.

24.02.2013 | from 11.00 am to 2.00 pm | SUPER Piazza IV Febbraio - Milan

Le Carousel Creative. It is apparently a “pile of items” put there in confusion to result in a mixture of art and design. In fact, it is an explosion of creativity to which Giancarlo Petriglia, designer, has intended to give form throughout an art installation that is unique in its genre. The message it gives comes punctually and emotionally: as creativity lets ideas bloom in the head of the artist, in the same way bags bloom like flowers in a mountain made of material items, thus symbolising a fashion designer’s atelier.


Gianni Serra

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Gianni Serra has been an eclectic creative talent right from the start: he has made theater costumes, worked with contemporary artists and opened his own atelier. His research into materials combined with the most traditional of sartorial techniques gave rise to his collections of one-of-a-kind items he presented at Altaroma. His  prêt-à-porter collection springs from what he believes is a need for comfortable clothes that are pleasing to the touch and, above all, are capable of making the wearer feel at ease. 


24.02.2013 | from 4.30 pm to 6.30 pm | SUPER Piazza IV Febbraio - Milan

In occasion of Super is presented the rr installation, created for that very occasion by STUDIO=O. The project is based on a game of emotional impressions reflected on mirrors, inanimated items on which an innovative projection technique gives life, turning them into magic mirrors of our times. This work has been realized for the presentation of the new Autumn/Winter collection 2013/2014, and is based on the creation of an imaginary space where real and virtual women are going to reflect the image of themselves in an endless fantasy/reality game.


Arthur Arbesser

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Viennese Doc, Arthur Arbesser cresce immerso in un ambiente strettamente legato alla cosmopolita cultura austriaca. Studia moda al Central Saint Martins College, e dopo aver lavorato per 7 anni come senior designer per una delle più prestigiose case di moda italiane, debutta a Milano con la sua linea per l’AI 2013/14. La collezione nasce dall'influenza tra i due poli formativi di Vienna e Milano, filtrata attraverso uno sguardo personale e contemporaneo. Gli accenti che ritroviamo interpretano suggestioni diverse: il lavoro dell'architetto Adolf Loos, lo stile del design italiano della fine degli anni 70, gli ornamenti Jugendstil. 

25.02.2013 | from 11.00 am to 1.00 pm | SUPER Piazza IV Febbraio - Milan

A clean, graphic and fast severe art installation, which is inspired to the precise and definite traits of the designer’s collection and which reminds to a game of contrasts of colours and prints, thus being the most creative and funny side of the collection. Four huge pictures projected on white enlighted walls: in the middle four big and squared black frames, whose suspension makes the models the absolute protagonists of the performance.



: Claudio Bonoldi Studio
VIDEO: Proj3ct Studio