A brand developed by a "vintage" thought, translated into contemporary collections, Little Shilpa is an eclectic mixture of multi-cultural inspirations and different artistic media. Dresses and accessories made with innovative raw materials match fashion films, photographs and works of art in a game of overlapping forms and colour blocks. Decadence and modernity, past and present, linear forms and architectural constructions: elements that appear contrasting yet find a sense of continuity.

Founded in 2012 by the Greek-Cypriot duo Dimos Natar and Andreas Georgiou, this brand is today renowned for the cutting-edge design of its knits. Season after season, its creativity is expressed in unexpected combos of surprising materials.

A contemporary fashion brand based in Mexico City, Salo Sayo was founded in 2014 with a special passion for contemporary art, a unique eye for detail and a keen interest in experimenting  with materials and techniques. Garments that tell a story, convey a personality. The new Tropicana collection for SS 2017 is dedicated to a hard-working woman who stays in a beach resort wearing oversized jackets, cool cotton clothes and ruffled coats.

Eco-sustainable fabrics and materials are the founding elements behind the collections by Hellen van Rees. Alongside its hand-made range, the brand offers ready-to-wear garments that enrich its evergreen selection. Avant-garde style dresses that revisit traditional silhouettes with architectural forms inspired by the world of art and refined, hand-made textures in contrast with innovative finishes.

Individuality, Inspiration, The Right Feeling: these are the three guiding concepts for the style of this brand, which describes its products as “The wearable object for everywoman”. A collection that focuses on the central role of one colour, white, and its clean-cut volumes, enhanced by lace, structured embroidery and 3D-effect details.  

Founded by Paula Selby Avellaneda immediately after she graduated from the Royal Academy in Antwerp, this brand's signature is romantically punk-rock aesthetics. Unique garments, hand-embroidered in shades that go from burgundy to powder pink, teamed with leather jackets featuring metal elements and applied details. 

A bridge between East and West, past and present, creativity and innovation, all about an ideal fashion that looks to the past as a source of inspiration. This is the essence of the contemporary nostalgia of Taller Marmo, the brand founded by the Argentine Yago Goicoechea and the Italian Riccardo Audisio. Inspired by a cosmopolitan woman, with timeless allure yet an urban mood, their garments feature lively prints and colours with ironic appeal. 


Founded in 2012 by Ahmed Sabry and Daki Marouf, the Sabry Maroufluxury accessory brand teams its creative, traditional oriental heritage with innovative, top-quality production techniques in its jewellery and leather goods. The aim is to present new aesthetics that represent today's generation of Egyptian designers. 

Nominated in 2012 as one of the 30 best designers under 30, the Filipino designer Ken Samudio is continuously inspired by the diversity of the marine eco-system. He explores natural forms, imitating their tactile characteristics, interwoven structure and colours while always using local, sustainable and recycled materials. He’s a designer with a social conscience, in his workshop he employs women from disadvantaged minorities.