Trela Jin

The art of hand embroidery becomes the leitmotif for a collection of jewels steeped in melancholy, inspired by fading nature, with wilted flowers and colours featured in carefully studied combinations that look to the principles of chromotherapy.

Anna Baiguera

Bon-ton and refined lines with strictly flat soles, this brand is the result of Anna's passion for dance, teamed with her other love, for ballerina pumps.

Annagiulia Firenze

A line with ethereal femininity and an international feel that uses almost exclusively Italian fabrics, worked in Florence. A passion for layering and for barely-there materials is enriched with the addition of garments in eco-fur.

De Siena

An inclination for comfort and contemporary femininity merge with a rock soul in a fabulous collection of eco-fur sandals, slip-ons and biker boots decorated with embroidery and encrusted pearls and crystals.

Francesca Bassi

Scarves get the maxi treatment to become quasi-capes for wearing softly thrown over one shoulder. Inspirational motifs are themes and colours from South America, maxi flowers hand-painted and crocheted for cosmopolitan chic folklore.


A search for unusual solutions, new shapes and volumetric effects applied to surprising materials team with a strong reference to the world of art. These are the style codes of Ukrainian designer Elvira Gasanova.

Harris Wharf London

A new range of coats, destructured blazers, dresses and jackets make up the collection. The use of innovative jersey tailoring techniques juxtaposes techno fabrics with natural materials.

Landi Fancy

A sporty-chic mood. From the classic military coat to various models of new shearlings, from parkas to the cape, from bright red to pastel yellow, for lovers of classics with a hint of pop.

Moon Lee

The dress becomes artwear, a personal canvas for self-expression of emotions, a mixture of virtuosity in pattern making and traditional heritage that recalls the homeland of the designer, Korea.

Sasha Glam

Brilliant artisan-stitched glass beads become material and the chosen decoration for a collection of accessories and jewels with multi-faceted design. The art of stitching interweaves with a modern, pop vision.

Stefano Ghilardi

The new collection confirms best-loved pieces like the Camille and Martha bags, clothes with bright patches, chains and charms, all in a playful mood. Plus, daily bags designed for any time of day.


A style rich in hand-made embroidery and fluttery silhouettes inspired by the beauty of nature, in a super-feminine collection designed to add momentum and vitality to winter, also with colour twists.