Passaggio a St Moritz

Anna Giulia Firenze

A line with ethereal femininity and an international feel that uses almost exclusively Italian fabrics, worked in Florence. A passion for layering and for barely-there materials is enriched with the addition of garments in eco-fur.


The Doppio Sogno collection is built around an innovative “double face” style: when flipped, the bag’s flap swaps its solid colour for the other side, adorned with pony-skin inserts. Leather, with pony-print detailing, warms up the chilly winter season with delicate nuances such as beige, bolder ones such as petrol blue, warm and mysterious hues like bronze, or flashes of dazzling silver.

Bruno Manetti Cashmere

Contemporary knitwear that is made entirely in Italy, and produced in area where the obsessive quest for quality is part of the DNA of its skilled workers. The spotlight is on cashmere, the natural fibre prized above all others for its sensual texture and warm, light structure.

Il cappottino

Sophisticated charm for this single-product Italian-made brand which uses English, French and Italian fabrics, and includes a more classical line made using materials by top Italian textiles manufacturers.


Peerless sartorial quality for a collection that fulfils a wish to revitalise the iconic Austrian Loden fabric, by using the finest Italian workmanship to produce coats, jackets and capes in a wide range of colours.

Luna Bi

Luna Bi mixes colour and embroidery, in feather-light knitwear made from cashmere, alpaca and mohair. Incredibly fine textures are adorned with geometric and floral patterns on velvet and silk, creating a fresh image with plenty of personality.

Major Giovanni Allegri

Giovanni Allegri’s latest project combines manufacturing expertise and research into exclusive coats. Fur and high-tech materials, minimal cuts and high-impact designs, Italian savoir-faire and technological innovation. All of these elements are blended into the collection, which presents geometric shapes and new volumes with a contemporary feel.

Mario Portolano

Carefully selected materials enhance forms, with clean and geometric silhouettes, enriched by metallic details and contrasting stitching. A vibrant colour palette is juxtaposed alongside softer, more classic nuances, creating masterful contrasts.


“A la neige” is the title of the FW18/19 collection: it explores a wardrobe that conjures up atmospheric Nordic fairy tales, with patterns reminiscent of mountain flowers, cosy chunky knit sweaters, circle skirts in super-soft fabrics, and plenty of white, combined with pops of colour.

Moon Boot
X Yves Salomon

The luxury of fur skilfully handcrafted as part of the noble tradition of the French brand playing a key role in a new interpretation of the most iconic snow boots.

Riviera Cashmere

This collection is inspired by Quebec: its snowy expanses, waterfalls, and icebergs in every nuance of azure. Cashmere is mixed with mohair, lurex and other natural fibres. Soft sweaters in cashmere and other prized fibres are paired with scarves, capes and berets, and dressed up in Prince of Wales check, herringbone and stripes.


A main collection with androgynous appeal and a small capsule collection, featuring extreme volumes and colours, made in collaboration with the designer Ms Sukemune. The pieces are: oversize ribbed turtleneck with colour contrasts, extra fluffy cable-knit cropped sweater, round-neck sweater with sleeves in brushed alpaca and mohair, and ankle-length knitted skirts.


A style rich in hand-made embroidery and fluttery silhouettes inspired by the beauty of nature, in a super-feminine collection designed to add momentum and vitality to winter, also with colour twists.

Terre Alte

Rigorous in its use of black, yet passionate through unusual, playful colour palettes. Romantic-looking floral prints are alternated with an urban chic style. Extra fine merino yarns are combined with felted fabrics and carded fibres. Overcoats are clean-cut and minimal, making them an essential choice, alongside the knitted jacket.


Practical, playful, full-colour accessories made from recycled sheepskin; the materials are offcuts sourced from luxury French fashion houses, and are carefully selected, re-dyed and re-modelled to create witty, unique objects.

Vicino Venezia

Faux fur has never looked so similar to its natural counterpart. This collection comes in 14 colour variants, including cult pieces such as the parka in garment-dyed cotton, with a removable lining in printed faux fur.