“I was asked to design a collection using my own design language while combining the Canudilo H Holidays trademark, the panda bear, which is also China’s national animal. The circular and amorphous prints and proportions inspired by the Panda bear meet the prints with thin contour lines, the silhouettes and cuts of my own esthetics - explain the designer who graduated in 2012 from the Shenkar College of Engineering, Design and Art, and established his brand in early 2013 - For the accessories I designed bracelets using bamboo sticks that have a dark look which offsets the ‘cuteness’ of the Panda bear.”

Canudilo H Holidays, part of Canudilo Fashion Group, an-A share listed company based in Guangzhou, is a high-class men’s clothing brand which appreciates elegance, fashion and taste and takes creating a stylish man as its mission and advocates the spirit of crossing over the borders between the idea of maturity, classics, elegance and luxury and the concept of individuality, fashion and trends. The design concept focuses on connection crossing, fusion and ‘1+1+1’, or the blending of elegance, fashion and taste.