Youjia Jin, from China, founded her brand in London in 2014. “Classics never go out of style - she explains - For this project, I was inspired by 40’s vintage fashion. Eight classic A-line looks are made with 100% natural fabric. Vintage clothing tends to be of a much higher quality than what you see today. Creating unique and
flawlessly tailored designs is my fashion concept. As a designer, I am keen on the high quality fabrics and high-end designs. I hope to convey these ideas to my customers, so they can learn more about high-quality fashion and think more about our environment.” SC Fashion was established in 2007 and it is located in Jiaxing, a city in China’s Zhejiang province. SC Fashions’ creations are made from silk, wool, lace and

other innovating and fine materials. The brand also focuses on 3D cutting, layering and form; techniques such as printing over jacquard, jet printing, hand painting, and beading are employed to accentuate the brand’s unique style and highlight its exclusive fashion sense and flamboyance.