Casheart Made in Italy

Clothes designed for those who love to travel wearing soft cashmere, wool- cashmere, silk satin enriched by delicate prints or cashmere jersey t-shirts. A mix of exquisite yarns, warm tones and textures, modern volumes and numerous knit stitches from the archive.


Sophisticated hats with a Northern European look, between pure and fluid lines, a contemporary design and comfort. Designed in Amsterdam and produced in small workshops, they present solutions like a comfortably foldable shape and a size adjustable function.


Knitwear life: is the mood of this collection with an urban, versatile, and sophisticated style. Understated and environmentally sustainable for a project that promotes the craft workmanship of the Emilian district, where the quality of yarns and fabrics merges with innovative knitting techniques.


The most noble, sophisticated, and natural yarns are at the heart of a luxury collection of stoles and shoes with a sartorial taste. Completely handmade, they are enriched by appliqués taken from trims and furs. The wide variety of styles range from animal prints to Nordic fairytales.


An eclectic twist that unites an ergonomic cut, comfort and freedom of moment with the dynamic spirit of a pattern and the flair of an unexpected detail. Waterproof jackets, pea jackets, down coats that surprise with their matchings. Among reversible fabrics, precious furs, and detachable collars and cuffs.

Moon Boot®

Moon Boot® celebrates 50 years and launches a series of revisited iconic models and a richer Urban Lifestyle proposal. A timeless style and fashion details for Far Side models that match shearling, soft leather, imitation fur, and tartan. Plus, dayglow pastels and sequins on sneakers matched with the icon model and with a new low-cut version are an unheralded cult classic.


The luxurious touch of cashmere is the protagonist next to merino wool with a natural glossiness and elasticity and mohair and alpaca for their softness. All of which is reformulated by contemporary stylistic research.

Tricot à Porter

A universe in which aesthetics and craft workmanship overlap, between old and new stitches, resulting in striking woven textures. These are the origins of unique pieces, one-of-a-kind knitwear works, in which the present and future constantly interact with one another.


Room for the soft, luxury side of winter for a wardrobe that combines furs, shapkas, extremely warm outerwear and cocoon-effect boots. Precious clouds of cashmere reflect snowy panoramas similar to a Nordic fairytale, passing through all the shades of white.