A winter wonderland lit up by flashes and chromatic lights. All-over sequins and luxury details cover dresses and accessories with a playful twist, while two-tone imitation furs are matched with flowing silks and creative prints, in the spirit of a pop and feminine style. Snow boots duel with bags embellished by embroideries and appliqués, highlights and fringes. For experiencing the long, winter months of dark in high spirits and without a fear of layering patterns.



INU in the Inuit language means “attractive”, while IKII stands for “cold”. The pleasurable side of the Nordic winter is the spirit behind Inuikii Boots. At the base is an inner shoe in lambskin combined with a patented natural rubber sole. The external shell plays around with fine leathers, fabrics and sequins, prints and sparkling metallic elements.

Eco-fur sandals and comfortable slippers are adorned with exquisite decorations without undercutting femininity, while Mexican boots are worn day and night with beads, crystals, and embroideries applied to black outsoles.





Knit dresses, but above all unique pieces made by hand in Tbilisi, “the-place-to-be” in Georgia and hotbed of numerous emerging brands. All the collections are inspired by nature: the shapes of flowers and plants are transformed into pieces made using natural hand painted yarns.

Mixes of materials and cultures combined with a personal and exclusive touch. These are the ingredients of the Marie Pierre-Garcia collections: an understated bag proposal characterized by elegant shapes, with baroque and sensual materials and finishes.

Snowballs have always conveyed a magical feeling dating all the way back to childhood. Shake it Baby combines breathtaking expressions with pop illustrations on designer items dedicated to the coolest and most trending concept stores. Plus, there is the possibility to personalize each snowglobe with photos and writings.

The young Turkish designer Ozgun Ozcan has given life to a project in which aesthetics meet the new needs of the contemporary woman. A passion for chromatic contrasts mixes cosmopolitan dynamism, in sync with the craftsmanship of a Made in Istanbul product.


VLN Studio

A colorful luxury that plays on refined patterns. Layering and rustling textures for a collection born between boho chic and contemporary style.

Acronym for Very Low Noise, VLN is a new brand made in Italy and offers streetwear garments reissued with contemporary but feminine appeal.