Personal notes for an authorial journey

Super 12 - september 2018
Texts by Elena Moretti

Chase the rays of an endless summer, keep deep roots with the earth. A journey suspended between culture and tradition and at the same time in sync with the rhythms of Mother Nature. The collections with a fresh and natural soul are affected by ethnic influences and mix exclusive handmade accessories.
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Ties between design vibrations and urban minimalism. A link between passion for tailoring and attitude to comfort. these are the different poles between which the equation of style of a free and dynamic woman is articulated. A woman, far from excesses as much as from conformism. This SS19 keypieces play between the irony touch of a full-color clutch and a multistripes garment.
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Art Capsule by Stefania Carrera

From warm, earthy tones to cold sea hues, with white running throughout. The theme takes up the materials used for garment dyeing: naturally warm colours and pastels. Hand-painted garments exhibit fade-effect patterns with strokes to blend and abstract signs.


The hat is a lifestyle for Bronté, a brand based in Amsterdam. At the centre of the inspiration is the Dutch city, where collections of hats are born that combine contemporary design and casual comfort.


The iconic brand that celebrated its 90th birthday in 2017 presents the classic Castañer style revisited with a glamour twist, including cotton, patterns and ultra-soft leathers or more summer models with an ethnic mood.

Danié Made in Sicily

A tribute to Sicily which blends tradition and creativity: the "coffa" bag is reinvented with lace, trimmings, raffia, small mirrors, tassels and castanets. Daniela offers a new twist on the Caltagirone ceramics style that's both innovative and personal.

De Siena

Ethnic chic style and femininity in a multicolour collection of sandals and mules in handwoven raffia. The natural appearance of the materials dialogues with the richness of appliqué detail and shapes: beading and crystals for the evening; frayed suede for the Coachella style.


Ethnic elements with vintage allure meet modern design. Goi Primo designs unique handmade jewels: earrings with ancient Indian braiding and crystals, hippy chic necklaces and charms created with pieces from all over the world.

Ibeliv Ecofashion

An eco-friendly brand of bags and accessories in raffia and natural fibres that are handmade in Madagascar, and hand-trimmed in leather, Ibeliv uses exclusively natural fibres and prime quality leathers. The new collection includes a selection of new materials and styles designed for travelling.

Isole & Vulcani

Geothermal energy, reptiles, obsidian, volcanic rocks and beaches with black sand are just some of the strong elements which provide inspiration for Daniela Fadda in a beachwear collection that evokes the wild Filicudi isle. Pure cotton, often in single colours, featuring raw edges and no seams.


A fresh, colourful collection where ethnic accents leave space for imagination. And forms caress the body without hiding it. Impalpable textures meet oriental-style décor.

Francesca Bassi

Signature silk prints with cosmopolitan mood, for these chiffon maxi scarves. The collection is enriched with accessories with folk flavour: long embroidered skirts with a gypsy vibe, embroidered and hand painted canvas totes, and gilets with unexpected details.


Feminine and imaginative, transforming antique lace into new accessories, a collection of shawls that filter sequins and floral patchwork embroidery. Like a garden of pastel-coloured delicacies, the scarves revisit Renaissance themes enriched with fringes and hand-painted embellishments. Embroidered silk gives way to leather and feather trims.


A collection directly inspired by travel. Simple, high quality pieces like Reverseau, a reversible bucket bag, made with contrasting materials and colours on both sides, creating two bags in one.


A twist on the Spanish alpargatas, skilfully crafted by Spanish artisans, Manebí espadrilles are inspired by the classic moccasin; with a chic design, embellished with refined fabrics and quality leathers, for timeless style.


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The clean aesthetic of Norwegian design combined with all-Italian production excellence. A sustainable, timeless concept of luxury communicated through 68 super-understated jersey garments.


Refined Italian fine tailoring style combines perfectly with more functional, cutting-edge concepts in a range of unique sports and hi-tech garments. Outerwear is the protagonist here: from coats to field jackets and waterproofs, blending nylon with the finest natural fabrics.


Stoles, ponchos and capes, predominantly with fine natural fibres; or more sophisticated and of industrial origin in new generation viscosities. Focus on innovative thread techniques, colouring and printing, with hand appliqué detail.

Circolo 1901

Easy Classic is formalwear designed for comfort. A style that’s suitable for any occasion, but doesn’t necessarily need one. An innovative collection for women who want to look classically elegant, without having to forgo the practicality of casual wear. 


The latest collection from Sung Kim is entitled "Gotica". The uniqueness of the bags lies in the exclusive print inspired by the cathedralesque decorations and the bas-reliefs of Milan's Duomo. All orchestrated by an essential and elegant design, blending impeccable craftsmanship and originality.

Harris Wharf London

A selection of coats, deconstructed blazers, suits and jackets make up this collection. The use of innovative jersey tailoring techniques juxtaposes technical fabrics and natural materials.


A metropolitan collection. Geometric shapes are blended with curvy, womanly lines Stars of the collection are the satchel, the crossbody, the beauty bag, the clutch with wrist strap and the waist bag/pochette.


Unisex, ageless garments, to be worn with a sense of humour. The concept is a minimal and natural elegance dedicated to daily life and easy to take anywhere. The materials include the finest cashmere, silk, silk and cashmere blend, organic cotton and linen.


A calm and colourful luxury that plays on refined patterns declined between the typical white of the houses of Greece and the decorations of a rainbow of flowers. Fresh clothes and swishing textures, for a collection suspended between boho chic and contemporary style.


A beauty deriving from the combination of unique prints on comfort fit models. Exclusive patterns depicting new romantic colors and elements, and production is strictly fairtrade.

Rever Gioielli

Defined geometric shapes, such as circles and squares, often opposed to each other in a game of thickness and alternation between empty and full. And again, with Rever Tissu, fashion accessories: bags in silk and technical fabric, scarves and capsule clothing collections.


A woman, seductive and spirited, with a refined soul. The garments play on the various finesses to create light overlaps, hidden slits, unusual openings and surprise effects: the long stripe tank in linen and cotton, the striped pleated skirt, the colourfully chic multi-stripe cardigan.


A modern interpretation of femininity, declined in the forms of outerwear and dresses that incorporate grunge and romantic elements. A journey through the changing metropolitan trends that invites you to read the polymorphic and complex aspects of reality.