Events Calendar of Taste & FuoridiTaste 2019 07-09 March 2020

from 6:00pm

In Symbiosis with Ancient Grains

Simbiosi Organic

Via de' Ginori 56-58-60r, Firenze

The Simbiosi Organic Pasta restaurant and Simbiosi Organic Pizza pizzeria present an evening dedicated to ancient grains from the Mulino Val d'Orcia mill: first course dishes of fresh pasta and special pizzas.

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A taste of Russia in Florence

Fedor Bistrò

Piazza della Signoria 37r, Firenze

Dish of Imperial Caviar from the Russian Caviar House plus something more. Menu includes: oladi pancakes with caviar and sour cream; blinis with salmon roe; wild salmon; smoked sturgeon; Olivier salad; iced Beluga vodka.

info & reservations:
+39.055.210496 -

price: €30 


The Amazing Italian Wine Journey. With Filippo Bartolotta

Irene Bistrò - Hotel Savoy

Piazza della Repubblica 7, Firenze

An exciting and exclusive interactive experience featuring 9 prestigious labels that took part in the recent American road show "The Amazing Italian Wine Journey." Wines are expertly paired with signature dishes from Irene Bistrò. Let the journey begin. With Filippo Bartolotta, wine educator, sommelier and ambassador of Italian wines in the world.

info & reservations:
+39 055 27355891

price: €65 (wine pairing included). Limited seating 


Bread, pasta & extras

Antica Trattoria Il Barrino

Via Gioberti 71r, Firenze

Tasting of breads, pasta and Grigio del Casentino cured meat in cooperation with Antico Pastificio Morelli 1860 and A.G. Morelli liquori dal 1911. Talk by producer Morelli and Margherita Todisco, owner of Antica trattoria. 

 info & reservations:
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price: €35 


Anarchist dinner with Cristiano Tomei & Michele Leo

Pizzeria Santarpia

Largo Annigoni 9c, Firenze

Cristiano Tomei and Michele Leo invite you to their wedding dinner at Pizzeria Santarpia. Pizza and cuisine are getting married! Long live the bride and groom! Special soundtrack chosen for the occasion. “Freedom is not spending your time up a tree; freedom is about taking part.” (Giorgio Gaber)

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price: €60 (wines included)

from 8:00pm

Zorzettig: wines by Annalisa and explained by Leonardo Romanelli

Ristorante L'Ortone

Piazza Lorenzo Ghiberti 87r, Firenze

Tasting of 4 Zorzettig wines (Pinot Bianco, Ribolla Gialla, Cabernet
Franc and Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso) conducted by Leonardo Romanelli. These wines communicate the Friulian terroir and the passion of
women. To be followed by a 4-course dinner with the same wines: fried anchovies with yoghurt sauce and lemon salt; spaghettone with fresh artichokes and shrimp tartare; pappardelle with boar; stewed cheek with seasonal vegetables; and cantucci served with vin santo.

 info &reservations:
+39 055 2340804 - ​​

price: €45 (tasting and dinner). Limited seating


Fuori di Cinta 7: Cinta Senese, Roman artichokes and the wines of Felsina!

Trattoria da Burde

Via Pistoiese 154, Firenze

A special evening with meat and Cinta Senese prosciutto from the Renieri salami factory, Roman artichokes, picked vegetables from Agnoni and Fèlsina wines. The producers will unveil the secrets behind their products. An evening dedicated to taste, pleasure and the superb flavors of Tuscany.

info & reservations:
+39 055 317206 -

price: €45