Behind the scenes: butchers, the real protagonists of good eating

Stazione Leopolda

It’s time to pull up the shades and find out exactly who – outside of the kitchen – is the key to the success of many chefs. Butchers have a very special place among our various craftspeople. We don’t mean the ones who wrap up cuts prepared by distributors and wholesalers, but the knife-wielding artists who go to the breeders, make their selections, do their own slaughtering and even offer cuts on the front quarter and entrails to prove how good they can be. Some of these Butchers (with a capital “B”) are often unseen prompters for famous chefs, or even prepare their own succulent dishes. Gastronaut Davide Paolini will talk with some of Italy’s famed butchers – representing all those scattered around Italy who are the silent, behind-the-scenes protagonists of good eating – and then, offer some tastes of their own delicious creations.
_Gian Pietro Damini, Macelleria Damini e Affini di Arzignano (Vicenza)
_Simone Fracassi, Macelleria Fracassi di Rassina (Arezzo)
_Sergio Motta, Macelleria Motta di Inzago (Milan)
_Franco Cazzamali, Macelleria Cazzamali di Romanengo (Cremona)