Taste 8 presents

Food Shopping Guide

The excellence of food and wine shops in the center of Florence

Stazione Leopolda

Speakers: Annie Feolde of Enoteca Pinchiorri, Vito Mollica of Il Palagio restaurant and Marco Stabile of the restaurant Ora d'Aria, Agostino Poletto deputy general manager of Pitti Immagine, and the publishers Matteo Parigi Bini and Alex Vittorio Lana. Chair: Davide Paolini.
The publishing house Gruppo Editoriale launches in collaboration with Taste, Food Shopping Guide, the third piece of the series of successful guides about Florence, after Crafts and Fashion. A guide in two languages ​​(Italian and English) dedicated to places of taste in Florence. 123 top stores in the city, including delis, street food, butchers, bakeries, pastry shops, pubs, wine shops and food markets, design the secret ways of food culture in Florence. Sponsors: Cecchi, Officine Gullo and Chiantibanca. In view of the food guides Food Shopping Guide is the first one dedicated to the small army of shops and stores in Florence that in the era of globalization and unbridled tourism defend every day the quality of food products.