King of Catering

The third edition

Stazione Leopolda

This is the third edition of King of Catering, and the best catering firms will be celebrated  on Saturday 9th March at the Leopolda Station in Florence, during TASTE, the Food Fair which celebrates the excellence of taste, organised by Pitti Immagine (9th-11th March 2013).
The important news concerning the third edition is that King of Catering is opening its doors to firms from abroad:  some of the most significant work of European catering firms will be on show.
In Italy and abroad there are a large number of catering firms and their business figures are bigger than you might imagine. This is why La Buccia invented and organised the King of Catering award, to diffuse and publicise this sector, and in 2012 La Buccia was awarded Best Emotional Response by BEA (Best Event Award).
King of Catering celebrates a professional sector which has been for some time capable of interacting more and more with the leaders of Italian and international gastronomy, and it gives an opportunity to those who are involved with the science, the technique and the art of catering: from great chefs to floral decoration, planners and all those who contribute to the success of a great event.
Today “the table” is part of our lives as well as mealtimes. TV, radio and newspapers are full of cooking information, basically the transformation of the raw materials, but very little is said about the art of hospitality, and King of Catering deals with this.
As tradition dictates, the final round between the four catering finalists will take place at the Four Seasons Hotel on Friday 8th March.  Two very important details have yet to be divulged: the names of the judges and the theme of the contest.
The following day the Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards will be presented, as well as the Awards for the six categories.
King of Catering has been realized thanks to the support of leading firms Made iu Italy such as Bisol, winemakers in Valdobbiadene (title sponsor), Ferrarelle, Cecchi, Venchi, chocolate makers since 1878, and FIAT; in collaboration with Pitti Immagine, Mondadori and Four Seasons.