The ladle and the mouse. How the internets is creating a new Italian cuisine

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It was more than one hundred years ago that Pellegrino Artusi wrote one of the first Italian cookbooks. Today, some of his recipes are being rewritten thanks to the information that cooking enthusiasts exchange every day – and it’s happening via the internet. Sharing recipes, knowledge about local products and mixing different cultures are no longer occasional experiences, but part of daily life thanks to the opportunities offered by digital communications and the enormous numbers of users. But what are the characteristics of this new Italian cuisine? Is the internet an opportunity for our regional traditions or a risk? 

Stefania Barzini, scrittrice ed esperta di gastronomia, 
Marco Bolasco, direttore editoriale del sito “” 
Chiara Maci, food blogger ed esperta di comunicazione in campo enogastronomico, 
Leonardo Romanelli, giornalista e critico gastronomico.