Everyone Seeks It, Everyone Wants It: Sourdough

Taste Ring Area - Stazione Leopolda

Until a few years ago, the world of sourdough or natural starter was unknown to most, even to a few in the field. Convenience foods had allowed the art of slow homemade bread yeast cultivation to be forgotten. Then something changed, and the word, thanks also to the internet, spread to the domestic realm, where followers of this bread making philosophy are growing. But this new focus on natural yeast is not just confined to bread. It also involves pizza and cakes, leading to an evolution that has in turn resulted in changes to how the flours necessary for these products are used. Together with those directly involved, we can understand how consumption and processing has changed and, above all, if there is really a big difference between using sourdough starter or other kinds of yeast.

Will take part to the debate:
Renato Bosco, Saporè in San Martino Buon Albergo  (VR)
Lucca Cantarin, Pasticceria Marisa in San Giorgio delle Pertiche (PD)
Emanuele Lenti, Pregiata Forneria Lenti in Grottaglie (TA)
Ivan Rigon, Fresco Piada in Riccione (RN)
Piero Gabrieli, Marketing Manager of Molino Quaglia in Vighizzolo D’Este (PD)
Walter Rampazzo, Pizzeria Pedrocchino in Campodoro (PD)
Pierluigi Roscioli, Forno Roscioli in Rome
Riccardo Astolfi, Organiser of Pasta Madre Day and creator of the website www.pastamadre.net.