Taste Ring: why we are drinking less wine?

Stazione Leopolda - area ring

Taste Ring is the cultural-gastronomic arena, the place for debates and ideas orchestrated by the Gastronaut, Davide Paolini. Here, the top experts from the world of food challenge each other on the most curious topics related to contemporary eating, food and taste, interpreting what is happening today and anticipating future trends.  Here are this edition’s topics:

Saturday March 7th, 5.00 p.m.:
“Traditional dishes featuring meat, cold and salted meats, and pastas are disappearing from our tables – at home and in the restaurant – whereas the trend for vegetarian, vegan, diet and healthy food is gaining strength: is this why we are drinking less wine?”

Marco Pallanti, proprietor– Castello di Ama 
Alessandro Tomberli, director – Enoteca Pinchiorri 
Andrea Gori, patron – Trattoria da Burde 
Fabio Picchi, chef patron – il Cibreo
Giuseppe Calabrese, journalist – La Repubblica