“PADRI, MAESTRI E PROFETI” – [FATHERS, MAESTROS AND PROPHETS]: the latest issue of DISPENSA magazine at Taste 11


Stazione Leopolda - Area Ring

Taste will also be the occasion for the presentation of the latest issue of Dispensa, Generi Alimentari & Generi Umani, the collectors’ magazine dedicated to all lovers of food and the universe that revolves around them. On Saturday 12 March at 12.00 midday the writers and photographers will be present who, along with their special guests, will talk about the new issue dedicated to the fathers, maestros and prophets of food. 

Dispensa is a delicious project that swims against the tide because it is autonomous and independent and which, in the 2.0 era, saves paper – the cover is produced from food waste.  Thanks to the tactile and esthetic beauty of an antique editorial product it aims to give readers the right amount of time to dedicate to lovely things.