On the occasion of Taste, the presentation of books written by Fede & Tinto from Radio2 Decanter programme

Presentazione dei Libri di Fede e Tinto di Decanter-20

Stazione Leopolda - Area Ring

Among the events at Taste, on Sunday 13 March (at 6.30pm) there is also presentation of the books "111 Vini Italiani che devi proprio assaggiare" (111 Italian wines you really must taste) and "Sommelier ma non troppo" (Sommelier up to a certain point) by Fede and Tinto, the voice and soul of Decanter, cult programme on Radio2 Rai.

In the first book (published by Emons), the two authors take us on a journey around the best wineries in Italy, discovering the flavours, aromas and colours of 111 wines. Whereas the second one (Rai Eri) is an interactive course that teaches how to recognise/get to know wine in seven days. A book that is one of its kind, allowing the reader to train his or her senses by introducing again some of the most important flavours and aromas of wine.