“Leonardo was not a vegetarian” From Da Vinci’s shopping list to Enrico Panero’s recipes

Presentazione del Libro - Leonardo Non Era Vegetariano-10

Stazione Leopolda

The book “Leonardo non era vegetariano” (Leonardo was not a vegetarian), published by Maschietto Editore in collaboration with the Museo Ideale Leonardo Da Vinci and Eataly, with a foreword by Oscar Farinetti and introduction by Davide Paolini, will be presented at Taste on Monday 14 March.

The result of thirty years of research, the book examines Da Vinci’s relationship with the topics of food and cooking, and his alleged vegetarianism. Alongside historical texts, there are 15 new illustrated recipes, created by chef Enrico Panero, evoking the taste, creativity and genius of Da Vinci.