Elimination round for the Pestle and Mortar Genoa Pesto World Championship

Stazione Leopolda - Teatro dell'Opera - Area Ring

The elimination round valid for the 7th World Championship will take place at Taste, on Sunday 11 March at 12.30 pm, organised by the Palatifini cultural association. 

Entrepreneurs, artisans, factory workers, researchers, teachers, doctors, salespeople, architects, chefs, students and pensioners… 100 entrants from all over the world – 50 from Liguria, 25 from the rest of Italy and 25 from the rest of the world or winners of other elimination rounds – will be battling it out on Saturday 17 March in the Salone del Maggior Consiglio hall in Palazzo Ducale in Genoa in the Seventh Pestle and Mortar Pesto Genovese World Championship.
The aim of this competition is to highlight this typical excellence from Liguria, an ancient tradition, and local food and wine products and their identity. It is already under consideration by the Italian Inter-ministerial Commission for UNESCO nominations as a possible proposal of a best practice of an intangible cultural heritage of humanity.
As usual, the jury will comprise 30 Italian and foreign judges, selected for their competences and role in the world of food (restaurateurs, tasters, specialist journalists, nutrition experts) and will be coordinated by the President of the Palatifini Cultural Association, Roberto Panizza.