Let's Taste SCS


On the occasion of Fuori Di Taste, there will be a special tasting of Renieri products and I Balzini da Giova wines, starring the water rescue dogs from SCS in Florence (the School for Rescue Dogs), a non-profit organization.

The proceeds from the event will go to the association, to support a sea safety and environmental protection awareness campaign aimed at children. The project is linked to the renewed use of state-owned property, such as the lighthouse on the Island of Giglio, the starting point for a programme based on discovering nature and animals, particularly dogs. The SCS in Florence collaborates with the lighthouse management in proposing new ways of developing a love and awareness of nature, with special help from their rescue dogs. Among the many initiatives proposed is a children’s book, starring a doggy hero and his young friend. SCS has also organized a competition for children at primary school: the winning class will have the chance to spend 3 days at the lighthouse, following a nature discovery trail.