Alajmo and Romanelli present
“Il cibo ideale” [The ideal food]

Ristorante Konnubio

The starred chef Massimiliano Alajmo will be one of the protagonists of an event at FuoriDiTaste which turns the spotlight on a delicate topic: the importance of a healthy diet for cancer patients. The idea comes from a special book entitled “Il cibo ideale” [The ideal food] which was written by Francesca Pirozzi who died at the age of 24 from lymphoma. It was her graduation thesis, dedicated to a topic that was vey close to her heart: the style of diet to follow during and after chemotherapy. Her father, Marco Pirozzi, chose to continue her work by publishing her university research and enriching the text with a series of contributions from doctors and famous chefs. In this way a book was created that attempts to provide answers to crucial questions. What does healthy eating mean today? What do we really know about food? And does the ongoing research carried out by chefs help improve the quality of the raw materials? The proceeds from the sales will be used to support the charity dedicated to Francesca (
The journalist-gastronomist Leonardo Romanelli will interview Marco Pirozzi alongside Alajmo. The talk will be followed by aperitifs with a buffet prepared by chef Beatrice Segoni featuring wines from the Montepaldi farm.