Everyone has their favorite sandwich: simple, rich, spontaneous, evocative, unusual, traditional, personal

Stazione Leopolda - Teatro dell'Opera - Area Ring

That classic of snacks, the sandwich, provides the starting point for dialogue about diet and the memory of taste thanks to a special talk: A sandwich for everyone… simple, rich, plain, evocative, unusual, traditional, personal.  

On stage in the Area Ring: Anna Prandoni, editor-in-chief of Il Panino Italiano Magazine and lecturer at the Scuola Accademia del Panino Italiano, the Gastronaut Davide Paolini, Tommaso Mazzanti from All'Antico Vinaio (a Florentine eating place that has turned the humble sandwich into the king of street food), Morgan Pasqual from La Giardiniera di Morgan (which produces crunchy vegetables that are perfect as sandwich fillings), Giacinto Mingione from the bakery Pane & Pace in Matera, and two “sandwich masters”, Daniele Reponi and Riccardo Soncini. Each one will be describing the sandwich combo that best represents them, the one that holds the best memory of parties, trips or games. The result will be a collection of real values, of ingredients that follow traditions and of creativity that evolves with the times. As Anna Prandoni explains: “The sandwich is a precious treasure chest of identities: better than other food at telling our story, our links with our homeland and flavours from our childhood. We want this talk to reveal these characteristics and share with those listening our memories of taste, one of the strongest recollections of our past, with speakers who enjoy a very special relationship with the sandwich.”