Aprons on!


A multi-purpose, independent location in the heart of Oltrarno (literarily, the other side of the Arno, ndT), Tatatà hosts Pratiche: il disegno, l'impasto, l'assaggio, la fotografia (Hands-on: drawing, kneading, tasting, photographing), with bread as the focus for a calendar of events that team female skills, children’s desire to experiment, themed readings and bookcatering, small workshops and sharing of a loaf of bread made from ancient grains from the farmer's market in nearby Piazza Tasso.
Four women will be putting on their aprons at four different times during this special day, together making up the work bread in Italian, "pane". Starting with the illustrator Luna Colombini. Her workshop entitled “P*rendi il succo, per esempio, di che colore è?” (Take juice, for example, what colour is it?) will engage kids from 6 to 10 years of age in making paper napkins for afternoon tea. Followed by reading of the book “La via del disegno brutto” (TerrediMezzo, 2019).
Lunchtime will be spent to rediscovering an ancient tradition. Rebecca Di Bendetto, who has been baking bread for 20 years will head “A*desso (m-)assaggiare” (And now massage (and taste)): ideas for making your own. And after the compulsory snack, reading of “Pasta Madre” (TerrediMezzo, 2013).
A quick trip to Denmark with Katrine Lokke, who did lab research into the complexity of taste at the University of Copenhagen. Her workshop, entitled “N*on lo trovi resinoso?” (Don’t you find it resiny?) will look at this and let participants taste home-made Nordic bread. Coffee from El Bosque, in Guatemala, to close. And themed reading: “Bread, Wine, Chocolate” (SlowFood, 2017).
The afternoon will be dedicated to the art of photography. Francesca Procopio, visual designer and keen foodie, will be the star of "E*sposizione e reciprocità" (Exposure and reciprocity”: an artistic workshop on fusion in cooking and a three-hour course on "Food Styling & Photography”. “Green” aperitif and themed reading: “Viaggi di green kitchen” (Guido Tommasi, 2015).

Design products for budding drawers supplied by Parentesi Quadra Food Division.