At Harry's Bar
with salami and Vernaccia

Harry's Bar Firenze

A historic wine and the art of pork butchery come together at Harry's Bar in Florence for an evening filled with flavour: “Salami sulle Torri”, Salami on the Towers, a title that evokes both the medieval skyline of San Gimignano and the delicious sausages of Tuscan tradition.  
The Prato company Salumificio Mannori, in business since 1950, will bring not only salami but also its Tuscan prosciutto PDO, mortadella PGI and Finocchiona PGI, to highlight the idea that certified, local products tell the story of an area, but also reveal the commitment of those behind it.
For its part, the Consorzio del Vino Vernaccia di San Gimignano DOCG will accompany the savour and spice of the pork specialities with a selection of white wine from eight different producers: Il Lebbio  - Tropìe (2017), Rubicini (2017), Tenuta Montagnani - Frammenti (2017), Mormoraia - Ostrea (2016), Panizzi - Vigna Santa Margherita (2016), Il Palagione - Riserva Ori (2016), Casa alle Vacche - Riserva Crocus (2015), Casa Lucii - Riserva Mareterra (2014).

«Vernaccia and cured meats, two traditions that come together to create a liaison not in the least dangerous, but rather exciting» comments Leonardo Romanelli, food journalist, who will present the event and lead the tasting. «In combining them, each product complements the other. Vernaccia, with its intense, fruity scents, good body and lingering finish, partners perfectly on the palate with prosciutto, finocchiona and salami. The event takes place at Harry's Bar in Florence, a classic venue that keeps up with the times».