Spirulina: a gourmet superfood

Hopping down from the food supplement shelves and diving into delicious sauces, tasty pasta dishes and refreshing ice creams is spirulina. Not just any spirulina, but a organic variety made in Tuscany on the Severino Becagli farm. The precious alga with a very high concentration of proteins, vitamins and antioxidants is grown on the San Lorenzo estate in Grosseto, in tanks placed inside automated greenhouses that prevent any risk of any contamination. For FuoriDiTaste, it becomes the “healthy” ingredient of an entire menu with a futuristic edge designed by chef Rocco De Santis. Superfood: taste the difference! Spirulina Gourmet Dining presents a dinner that is 100% taste, zero guilt: beef tartare, hazelnuts, goat’s cheese and spirulina mayonnaise; cappelletti pasta with spirulina, cheese and pepper, mussels and candied lemon; chocolate cream, matcha tea with spirulina ice cream.