Do you want to be an exhibitor?

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Here the procedure to follow.
1. Companies wishing to participate should send an e-mail to ct.taste@pittimmagine.com
2. You will be asked to fill in an application form for the brand and company which will be submitted to our Technical Committee. The form requests a series of information about the brand and its history, the company profile and the positioning of the product, to help the Technical Committee make its assessment.
3. Following the meeting of the Technical Committee, Pitti Immagine will inform each company that has submitted an application form of the Committee’s decision.
4. Pitti Immagine will contact the companies who have been accepted for inclusion in the fair.

Do you want to buy tickets for Taste?

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In relation to Article 24 of the Municipal Regulations on the welfare of animals (resolution CC 285/1999), note that dogs are not permitted to enter the Pitti Immagine trade shows.
Our trade shows are not public in nature and, therefore, the provision referred to is not applicable.
Naturally, there is free access to animals working in the security field and to animals assisting people with disability.
Note also that it is strictly prohibited for animals to enter both on the set-up days as well as on the days of the exhibition itself, with the exception of guide dogs for the visually impaired that are permitted to enter the exhibition (in compliance with the laws in force) as they perform their work duties.

How to reach us!

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Cloakroom and left luggage

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Inside the exhibition area are available free of charge cloakroom and luggage storage.

Reserved Parking

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For this edition, we have again reserved free parking for each stand inside the underground car park of Fortezza da Basso, which will be connected to Stazione Leopolda by regular shuttle bus service.
The parking pass is valid from 9.30 am on 4th June 2020 until 10 pm on 7th June 2020.
The parking coupon can be converted into a ticket by showing to our staff member when you arrive at the Fortezza da Basso car park.
Conversion times are as follows:
- Thursday from 9.30 pm to 9.00 pm;
- Friday from 7.30 am to 1.00 pm.
After 1.00 pm on Saturday, conversion must be carried out at the organisation office information desk at the actual event.
If you do not carry out conversion through our personnel during the times indicated and you enter the car park by collecting the pass from the machine, you cannot be refunded.
The shuttle buses will leave the exhibitors’ carpark (p.le Montelungo – railway side) for Stazione Leopolda and back (see map attached).
Buses will leave about every 20 minutes.
The shuttle bus timetable is as follows:
Thursday: first departure (from the Fortezza carpark) at 9.30 am. End of service (final departure from Stazione Leopolda) at 9 pm
Friday: first departure (from the Fortezza carpark) at 7.30 am. End of service (final departure from Stazione Leopolda) at 8.30 pm
Saturday: first departure (from the Fortezza carpark) at 8.30 am. End of service (final departure from Stazione Leopolda) at 8.30 pm
Sunday: first departure (from the Fortezza carpark) at 8.30 am. End of service (final departure from Stazione Leopolda) at 9.30 pm
For parking vans, passes and instructions will be provided at the fair upon delivery of the Pitti cards.

Where to stay

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Pitti Immagine in collaboration with UniversalTurismo is glad to offer in Florence: hotel solutions (hotel, historical Residences Properties, B&B) at affordable rates; guide of restaurants in Florence with special offer for our visitors; tailor made assistance for travel service - car hire with or without driver. 

For any further information please contact: