Guido Tommasi Editore

With over 250 titles, Guido Tommasi Editore is the reference point for cookery books in Italy
The pages of the publisher’s books feature important names from the world of literature and art, such as Simenon and De Filippo, as well as pictorial images enhanced by the innovative and unique iconographic style which has become its “trademark”.

Guido Tommasi Editore returns to Taste with an unusual layout designed by Marco Marzini: an ideal setting for books which offers more than just paper thrills. The title and theme of this edition is L'insostenibile leggerezza del leggere [The Unbearable Lightness of Reading]: you can find everything you need within the pages of a book, a light piece of luggage that will accompany you throughout your life…because reading is like breathing and nothing is lighter than air!