Traditional sweets

Taken from ancient recipes, the main ingredient is a respect for flavours of times gone by. With a tasty pinch of innovation.

ANTICA TORRONERIA PIEMONTESE – The Antica Torroneria Piemontese is the result of a fascinating and prolific land, the Langhe: a wonderful landscape where hazel groves find the ideal conditions to produce the famous Langhe “Tonda e Gentile” hazelnut. The Torrone (nougat) take centre stage: master nougat makers cook a mixture of glucose, sugar and egg white or gelatine over bain marie and the hazelnuts must be roasted correctly. The same care and attention is used in producing Gianduja chocolate, Pralines and sweet Truffles: the dough mixed with cocoa, hazelnuts and hazelnut paste is left to stand overnight before the rest of the production processes can be carried out. 

A. GIORDANO TORINO - A family tradition, a sweet story that starts in 1897 in Turin. The founder’s hundred-year old recipes have been passed down for the past 45 years by the Faletti family: Mario, Luigina, and their children Marco and Laura who today prepare these typical products of Turin tradition: chocolates filled with Maraschino liquor and cherry, hazelnut trio, cremini and liquor chocolates but above all the hand-made specialities: the gianduiotti and the giacomette, still today mixed and individually spread by hand. Another delicacy for the palate is the spreadable crèmes: gianduia, hazelnut, pistachio and coffee and, since 2014, the Alpinluce – chocolates filled with Erbaluce di Caluso dessert wine.  
D.BARBERO 1883 – Here, we need to go back five generations to reach Melchiorre Barbero who, in 1883 in Mombercelli d’Asti, asked permission to produce “Torroni and Noasetti” (nougat and noisettes). This story is carried on by Davide Barbero who expanded the company and developed its activities. Barbero’s various nougats are authentic delicacies, climaxing with the “Friabile Piemontese” which is produced following the traditional Asti recipe using a high percentage of Piedmont PGI hazelnuts (51%) and carefully-selected wildflower honey. In the legendary premises in the heart of Asti, production also extends to “Gianduja”, a typical Piedmont chocolate, Rubatà chocolate-covered breadsticks, “Gran Cru” nougat and Easter dainties. 
DOLCI PROMESSE… LA FALDACCHEA - From Turi, in the province of Bari, this company has brought back to life the tradition of the Faldacchea, a much-appreciated almond treat completely covered in chocolate with a unique and inimitable flavour. "Dolci Promesse"’s merit is in choosing only the highest quality products, guarantee the freshness and wholesomeness of the ingredients, exclusively almonds from Puglia; state of the art technology and personal dedication lead to healthy and tasty products, while respecting the great food tradition that makes us unique throughout the world.  
DOLCITERRE - DolciTerre is a small artisan producer of typical sweets of the area Grottaminarda in the province of Avellino. The project was established in 2010 by two young people, taking back the reins of a family tradition dating back more than 100 years. Antonio and Francesco De Luca have carried out research on Irpinia’s typical sweet: torrone, and in particular torrone with sponge. The careful selection of high-quality ingredients leads to products based on a large quantity of Italian honey, Sulla and Millefiori, dark Belgium chocolate and hand-selected hazelnuts and almonds. The jewel in their crown is the “Irpino”, a torrone filled with sponge, drenched with herb liquor and covered in chocolate: this is the Campania hinterland’s official sweet. There are also now three more flavours: “Espresso”, “Sorrento” and “Amalfi”, single portion snacks and nougats that complete the range of typical flavours from Campania. 
L’ALBERO DEL DOLCE - L’Albero del Dolce produces high-quality artisan sweets and chocolate, expressing the territory of the province of Cuneo and following ancient recipes using only the best ingredients. The company is certified 100% Made in Italy and an Eccellenza Artigiana. All the products represent the company and the local area: Cuneesi chocolates with meringue, inspired by ancient local traditions. Truffles made with PGI Piedmont hazelnuts. Soft Carrù amaretti made by hand. Corn flour biscuits and tarts are all gluten-free. The Noccioloso is made with PGI Piedmont hazelnuts. 
PASTICCERIA FILIPPI – The best stories are those that start well and have something new to tell and share every day. The Filippi company is one of these stories. Founded in 1972 in Zanè (Vicenza) for three generations it has produced naturally-leavened sweets using only sourdough and without the use of flavourings or preservatives. Moreover, Filippi was the first company to offer a Cake made 100% with Extra Virgin Olive Oil (without butter or dairy products), which is incredibly light, easily digested and has an extremely balanced flavour. 
PASTICCERIA GIOTTO IN PADUA PRISON – The world’s most sought-after Panettone? It’s hiding away in a unique traditional pastry shop within the walls of Padua’s prison where inmates knead and bake panettone, colomba and other cakes and delicacies, guided by master pastry chefs from Officina Giotto. High quality products that over the years have received critical acclaim and which are now sought after throughout Italy and abroad. Cakes that are the result of expert labour, the exclusive use of natural ingredients, with no added preservatives, and with a work cycle lasting over 72 hours, 24 of which merely for leaving the dough to rise.  
PASTICCERIA CERNIGLIA - In 1972, Salvatore Cerniglia founded his first pastry making laboratory in Piana degli Albanesi following tradition that was particularly famous for its ricotta-filled cannoli. In the modern laboratory, the first and second Cerniglia generations prepare traditional Sicilian specialities, carefully selecting each ingredient with preference for local ones. Almonds, pistachios and sheep ricotta represent Sicily and are the main ingredients in Cerniglia products. Recently, Salvatore has focussed on rediscovering forgotten sweets, through his research into history and food. Among other, the “Trionfo di gola” (glutton’s triumph). This artisan production focusses on almond sweets, Martorana fruit, Sicilian Cassata and cannoli.  
PASTICCERIA FRACCARO – Founded in 1932 in Castelfranco Veneto, the Fraccaro bakery specialises in preparing naturally risen cakes: panettone, focaccia, pandoro, colomba, all made with sourdough. The bakery’s specialities are the Panettone Antico, made following the ancient recipe that uses only sourdough and carefully chosen ingredients such as Australian sultanas and mixed candied fruits; the Focaccia Veneta and Colomba Classica. We also should not forget the Tre Presidi panettone, born from a collaboration with Slow Food and which sees the use of three Slow Food ingredients: vanilla from Mananara, a small reserve in Madagascar, PGI citrus fruits from Gargano, and finally, the Egyptian date from the Siwa oasis. New for 2016, the Colomba filled with DOCG Prosecco crème.