Storielle in Dispensa - Tales from the Pantry

The pantry at home. Your granny’s pantry. The tastes of goodness. Of dreams. Of traditions. A pantry like the Pandora’s Box of Taste. A cornucopia full of the thousand variations of food. A magical place that lures us with its exotic enticements and is the guardian of a thousand temptations. 

From the collaboration with Dispensa, Generi Alimentari & Generi Umani (The Pantry, Foodstuffs and Humankind) – a magazine devoted to all food lovers and to the universe that revolves around their passion – comes Storielle in Dispensa/Tales from the Pantry.
Twenty culinary stories told by the editorial staff of Dispensa and illustrated by Elia Barbieri. Devised exclusively for the world of Taste and its products and producers, classified into product groups, from marmalade and jam to beer, from cured meats to pasta and cakes. Imagine that you’re about to unlock the doors of the Pantry of Taste... Grab some cutlery, get your glass and spread a serviette across your lap.
Enjoy the read, or should I say, Enjoy your meal!
Elia Barbieri
A Literature graduate, Mr. Barbieri moved to Milan to pursue his vocation for working in a creative field. There he studied illustration through workshops which were in direct contact with leading Italian and international editorial offices. Working on a wide range of issues ranging from literary criticism to highly topical subjects, his work stands out due to its concision and character which aim to achieve a compelling communication style without sacrificing the expressive power of illustration. He currently lives and works as an illustrator between Mantua, Bologna and Ferrara.