taste 12: THE BUYERS' point of view

Michael J. Scibila, Dean & Deluca, New York (United States)
“For my work it is vital to find that special product, not just in terms of taste, but also tradition and history, and Taste is crammed with these elements! Here we find the highest level of the Italian food and wine scene. The events were very interesting. What I really like about Florence is discovering even small niche and traditional entities and trying to understand their products and their work, so that we can do our job even better”.
Anna Burleigh - Buyer Grocery, Confectionery & Concessions Food Buying & Merchandising, Selfridges & Co., London (United Kingdom)
“I found lots of brands we will certainly work with in the future; the number of artisans, niche and specialty brands was really impressive. I have to compliment Pitti Immagine for the organization. Absolutely one of the best fairs I have visited in recent years!”
Lidia Mosyakova, Foreign Activity Department Manager, Globus Gourmet (Russia)
“Taste is an excellent event, very well organized with a truly beautiful location.  Pitti has been very good at creating the right, special atmosphere. We have identified many specialties for our store and some revisited, traditional typical products that it is hard to find elsewhere. In particular the chocolate and confectionery!  I thought the dairy and cold meat products were very impressive; due to the embargos between Russia and Europe we cannot import them at the moment, which is a shame”.
Enny No-Kim - Buyer Decorative Home, Bergdorf Goodman, New York (United States)
“This first visit to Pitti Taste has been really interesting. It has the edge over other events thanks to the quality of the products and the methods used to present them. Despite the high attendance, Taste is very easy to visit. The part dedicated to kitchen design is also very interesting and I hope it will be expanded next year!”
Daniël Heylen – Proprietor of De Pauw (Belgium)
“Finding interesting products is not a given in my work. I started off with the idea that if I identified at least two noteworthy specialties it would have been a success. I must say that the reality really exceeded my expectations. Pitti Taste is complete and well organized. Here I found traditional products with something extra: re-worked, enriched by experimentation, proposals that are always innovative yet still of the highest quality.  I will definitely be coming back”.
Herman Specker, Proprietor of Foodelicious, Rotterdam (Netherlands)
“I first came to Taste three years ago and I was really struck by the professional care given to the organization of the fair: the stands, the accessibility to information, the management of the services, the layout of the areas - everything was studied perfectly. This edition was no exception. I found some of my clients and made some very interesting contacts for future orders. The products are typical but also really new on the market. Then there is the packaging in which they are presented and the elements of food design that embellish them, truly special”.
Robert d’Amato - General Manager, Casa Italia (Australia)
“Taste brings together the excellence of Italian producers. It is a high level fair that is always growing. I really appreciate the chance to discover new and interesting products every time: niche items that otherwise might not get the opportunity to leave Italy. The climate at the fair is also very relaxed and joyful, the dimensions make it possible to talk to the exhibitors and learn more about their products. I also found the fringe events to be very interesting, both the Rings as well as the FuoridiTaste calendar around town”.
Gaby Bou Najm - Managing Director, Internal Sarl (Lebanon)
“This is the third year that I have taken part in Taste. Every time I am pleased to return because I always find what I am looking for.  I mainly come here for the typical food and wine products – oil, truffles, sauces – and the niche products that stand out for their particular features and excellence.  Pitti Immagine guarantees a very high level in terms of the quality of the products displayed, and the organization is definitely superior to other international food fairs. The layout is also very good: everything is taken care of right down to the smallest detail. Taste is also perfectly ‘buyer-sized’”.
Paolo Orsolini - CEO of Orso Italian Specialty Food, Miami (United States)
“We are importers and distributors and we will soon also be opening a retail outlet with an on-line section, all dedicated to Italian excellences. So Taste is a crucial event for us. I have rediscovered clients, had lots of meetings and placed orders. I think that the organized events, like the Rings, are also very useful, they make it easier to understand the work of our suppliers and the quality of their products”.
Mario Sequerra Freitas - General Director of Atlas Gourmet, Madrid (Spain)

“This is my first visit to Pitti Taste and it has been a truly satisfying experience. The impression is that of entering a very high quality boutique. Taste expresses a high level of Italian gastronomy that I have not seen proposed so accurately at other events. Here we find food and table culture in every sense, from the product to the design, to the packaging, right up to the presentation”.