Chocolate from Taste in the limelight at the International Chocolate Awards in London

Lots of names from Taste among the highly rated Italian chocolatiers in the World Final.

The grand jury of master chocolatiers convened in London for Chocolate Week, from 1 to 11 October 2017. On Friday, 13 October, the winners of the 2017 World Final were announced.

An impressive selection of international winners, from France to Ecuador and from Peru to Australia, with many awards going to Italian chocolatiers. Of these, ample participation by Pitti Taste exhibitors, like: Torta Pistocchi® Firenze, Tartuflanghe, Slitti, Giraudi Cioccolato, Gardini and Guido Castagna.
Here are the winning Taste exhibitors, with their prizes and categories:
Nut based pralines with dark chocolate
Gold: Guido Castagna (Italy) – Mint and Liquorice Cremino (**)
Silver: Guido Castagna (Italy) – Cinnamon and Calendula Cremino (**)
Silver: Guido Castagna (Italy) – Cardamom and Mallow Cremino (**)
Silver: Guido Castagna (Italy) – Bronte Pistachio Cremino (**)
Dark chocolate gianduiotto / cremino
Gold: Guido Castagna (Italy) – Giuinott (**)
Silver: Giraudi Cioccolato (Italy) – Dark chocolate Gianduiotto 
Flavoured dark chocolate cremino
Gold: Gardini (Italy) – Double-flavour Cremino with Sour Black Cherries
Silver: Gardini (Italy) – Double-flavour Cremino with Liquorice
Silver: Gardini (Italy) – Double-flavour Cremino with Currants
Milk chocolate gianduiotto / cremino
Silver: Giraudi Cioccolato (Italy) – Classic Gianduiotto

Milk chocolate dragées, enrobed whole nuts
Gold: Slitti (Italy) – Avola Almonds
Dark chocolate spreads (no milk powder)
Silver: Guido Castagna (Italy) – Hazelnut Cream +55 (**)
Nut based pralines with white chocolate
Gold: Tartuflanghe (Italy) – Trifulot, pistachio praline
Gold: Tartuflanghe (Italy) – Trifulot, white praline with cardamom
White chocolate dragées, enrobed whole nuts
Silver: Torta Pistocchi Firenze (Italy) – Pistachio Dragée, White Chocolate, orange peel powder, and salt 
Milk chocolate enrobed whole fruit
Gold: Torta Pistocchi Firenze (Italy) – Raisin Dragée, milk chocolate, and almonds 
Flavoured dark chocolate ganache or truffles
2017 World Gold M.M.M: Torta Pistocchi Firenze – Dark Chocolate Cake with raisins and agricultural rum from Martinique.