The creativity of Cinzia Bolognesi
(aka @cuordicarciofo) at Pitti Taste

For some time now my work has consisted of a constant search for a way to marry my mealtimes with my world of illustrations”. The illustrator and creative director Cinzia Bolognesi talks to us about her new project at the Taste event. “It is a series of work that started by chance when I was having breakfast with my son, I try to make it a playful time for him, as he is a child with almost no appetite! As art director, I have worked frequently in the world of food packaging and this was also a way to unite two great passions.

Cinzia Bolognesi brings to Pitti Taste her creativity, making, live on site, twelve illustrations – one for every month of the year – that can add the special story they tell to the appeal and flavour of a good meal.
Cinzia Bolognesi is an illustrator and creative director. Born in Ferrara, she now lives and works in Bologna. She gained a diploma in pictorial decoration from the Dosso Dossi Institute of Art in Ferrara and afterwards studied at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Bologna in the sculpture department. She has experimented a great deal during her career, but eventually turned more and more to a type of dreamlike, fairy-tale illustration, targeted at the young adult age group. Over the years, she has moved towards digital illustration blending in the skills she has learnt during her work as an art director. For over ten years she has worked in the fashion and food packaging sectors, uniting her passion for illustration with more strictly commercial and advertising work.
Currently she collaborates, in an ongoing manner, with a publicity agency in Bologna as art director, where she curates the entire image for a well-known national fashion label, while lending her talents occasionally to other Italian companies as illustrator and book cover designer.