TASTE, in viaggio con le diversità del gusto


Taste is a sport... get in training with TASTE!

Exercise, concentration, passion and health… in a word – TASTE!
Pitti Taste is not just an event dedicated to the finest food, but it's also where the latest trends in food culture are created and talked about. In preparation for the next edition we have collected, through a series of mini videos, some suggestions – and new trends – for eating well without sacrificing on taste. Let’s not forget that well-being starts on our palate and goes straight to our hearts.
Is your everyday life an obstacle course and you’re constantly moving around? Do you like sport? And no, by sport we don’t mean channel-surfing from the sofa... Do you want to know how to face the day with the energy you need? Here are some of the ingredients you may need: vitamins, protein and carbohydrates are definitely key players in our daily diet; in other words, fruit, vegetables, olive oil, rice, pulses and cereals, fish, meat and cheese. Is that all? Certainly not... while salt should be limited, there’s something you can never get enough of ... a beautiful smile!

Good viewing from Pitti Taste.


• Salad with Baccalà (dried salt cod) and chickpeas with taggiasca olives and crunchy vegetables
• Marinated salmon trout fillet, with salad of fennel, oranges, raisins and soy sauce
• Cream of peas, cream of parmesan and spring onions with vinegar dressing
• Club sandwich of avocado and red salmon

• Caesar salad with red shrimps