TASTE, in viaggio con le diversità del gusto


... for true connoisseurs!

Flavor, tradition, passion and conviviality ... in one word, TASTE!
Pitti Taste is not just an occasion dedicated to excellence in food, it is also The place where the latest trends in food culture are born and promoted.  To prepare ourselves even better for the next edition we have made a mini-series of videos that offer some small food-themed suggestions – and new trends – all worth seeing, pardon... worth tasting!
The pleasures of life also pass through the palate!  What better way to refresh the spirit after a busy day at work than by savoring a dish from the Italian culinary tradition?  Possibly to be enjoyed in company!  Pizza, salted meats, cheeses, mustards, jams... plus pasta and risottos.  There are a thousand and more traditional recipes... all to be discovered.  And anyone who says that tradition goes hand in hand with old-fashioned has never tried to add a little extra twist.  What should never be missing from your kitchen? A pinch of imagination or ... even two!

Happy viewing from Pitti Taste.


• Ham and Fontina cheese omelet
• Salted meat and cheese board with honey and mustard
• Anchovy “crostone”
• Saffron risotto with “chiodini” mushrooms
• Margherita pizza and beer