TASTE, in viaggio con le diversità del gusto


... for all foodies!

Flavour, tradition, stories of eating passions and foods that make mouths water… in a word TASTE!
Pitti Taste is not just the event dedicated to food excellences, it is also the place where the latest trends in food culture are born and talked about. To be fully ready for the next instalment, we have put together a mini series of videos with tips—and new trends—about food. Must-sees, sorry, must-tastes! 
Are you born a foodie or do you become one? Let’s find out! If you have any doubts, try a trip around Pitti Taste: local specialities, regional excellences, artisan masterpieces ready to enhance flavours, colours and fragrant smells, all ready to tickle our taste buds. Honey and organic sauces, anchovies, capers, cheese and vegetables… plus bread, pasta and… sweet treats! A thousand and one recipes from all over Italy…just waiting to be discovered. 
Your taste buds will thank you! 


Happy watching from Pitti Taste.

• Low-fat yogurt mousse with organic honey, whole spelt flakes and red berries
• Selection of grilled vegetables with burrata from Andria, fillets of anchovies from Cetera and capers from Pantelleria.
• Ancient grains crostino with sausage, stracchino and dark cavolo nero greens
• Fresh truffle tagliolini

• TortaPistocchi® with pear and cinnamon sauce