EDIBLE LANDSCAPES: FORAGING is the protagonist at Taste

Pitti Taste celebrates its 13th edition by focusing on FORAGING, or rather how to harvest and cook wild plants and everything that can be found in its natural habitat.

Seaweed, herbs, shrubs, lichen, seeds, resins, roots, chosen while respecting the environment and in compliance with personal safety, will be the protagonists of a Ring and a series of events curated by Pitti Immagine in collaboration with Wood*ing, Wild Food Lab, the research laboratory run and enlivened by Valeria Mosca.

Wild food, available in our ecosystems, is an important living nutritional and cultural resource that has almost no impact whatsoever on the planet. Being aware of the possibility to use it brings our identity, in its most authentic form, closer and opens up to high-level culinary experimentations, in line with environmental protection. A way to understand the complexity with which food is linked to our existence, the health of the planet Earth and its balances.

Special EVENTS dedicated to Foraging:

The events devoted to giving an in-depth insight into the main theme characterising this edition include the talk entitled “Mangiare Wild Side. Il Menu del bosco” (Eating Wild Side. The Woodland Menu), held by forager & chef Valeria Mosca, who will introduce basic knowledge on foraging at the dinner table. The presentation will see participation by a special guest, and will be followed by a tasting session.
In addition to this: on Saturday 10th March, from 3 pm to 5 pm, Serre Torrigiani will hold a special workshop to introduce children to foraging, making this complex subject more pleasant and accessible.