10 exhibitors and their specialities at TASTE

Tea for two... But also, a luscious chocolate, a fragrant cookie and an artisan bitter are all even better when shared with someone you love. In this delicious courtship we are assisted by ten key Taste companies, ten excellences to fall in love with.


MAGLIO, boundless passion for chocolate




Since over 140 years Maglio Chocolate has been synonymous with tradition, innovation and research. The extraordinary family heritage handed down from father to son with the continuous research in selecting the best cocoa is expressed in all chocolate production, achieving excellence with their candied fruit covered in chocolate – such as the mandarins ‘Clementine’. “Venezuelan Criollo Cocoa” is the project through which Maglio cooperates with Venezuelan farmer, helping them to recover native plantations and supporting the communities for producing high quality Criollo cocoa, unique all over the world.


ETNABITTER, a symphony of feelings




A mixture of ingredients that bear witness to the land of Sicily brought together to create a liqueur suitable for the rite of the aperitif. Born from the raw materials cultivated at the foot of Mt. Etna, it escapes classification: it is not a Vermouth and it is not a classical Bitter. It is a crossroads of references and sensations that do not fear being used neat when served with ice and a slice of orange or lemon.


KRUMIRI ROSSI, alluring tradition




Created for the first time in 1878, the Krumiri of Domenico Rossi were presented at the Universal Exhibition of Turin in 1884, where they were awarded with the bronze medal. Nowadays, still in Turin, it’s the Portinaro family that jealously guards the tradition of their creator, with the same careful selection of ingredients for a dough from which the use of water is "banned". To this day, the Krumiri are packaged by hand, in their red boxes on which stands the image of their creator Domenico Rossi.


KOHL, just fruit and love



From an intuition of Thomas Kohl comes this apple juice from the mountain for gourmets. At Auna di Sotto sul Renon, at almost 1000 meters above sea level, apple orchards thrive thanks to the sun and the fresh wind, developing fruits with balanced sweetness and acidity, from which Kohl derives different lines of very special juices and blends. Two juices stand out for true connoisseurs: the limited-edition Grand Cru. From two almost forgotten apple varieties, Ananasrenette and Wintercalville - once much loved and even brought as a gift to the tsars of St. Petersburg - precious bottles derive, also enhanced in the details in silk paper.


GARDINI CIOCCOLATO, not just chocolate





The land of Romagna is famous for its gastronomical excellences such as the Sangiovese and Albana passiti wines, the Formaggio di Fossa cheese, the ‘sweet salt’ of Cervia, the mustard of Cesena and the PGI balsamic vinegar of Modena. In their search for an element that would give their chocolate an unmistakable identity, the chocolatiers of Gardini decided to combine excellence with excellence. The result was some very surprising products: chocolate bars with the ‘sweet salt’ of Cervia and Brisighello oil or salt and licorice, chocolates with Formaggio di Fossa cheese and Albana passito (raisin wine), creams and pralines for the most demanding palates.


LA CAFFERIA, coffee that empowers women




This award-winning line from the historic El Miguel artisan coffee roasting brings to Taste a variety that is part of a global female empowering project. In the world, in difficult conditions, more and more women are becoming an essential part of the coffee supply chain, occupying positions of power and revolutionizing this sector. The International Women's Coffee Alliance was born from their stories, a global network that unites and supports the resourcefulness of millions of women around the world, starting at the core centers of the coffee trade, such as Guatemala, India and Brazil and now operating in more than 22 countries.


DOMENIS 1898, distillates full of passion



Just as in the world of wine, grappas also have their great classics. The grappa STORICA is one of the exclusive grappas of this Friulian distillery founded in 1898. After four generations, Domenis combines the best traditional products with the innovation of creativity to satisfy the most demanding palates. Distillates and grappas - such as Storica, Storica Nera, Secolo, La 120 - on which to retain an organoleptic ardor for a few moments.


RENATO BOSCO BAKERY, the kingdom of sweets




Renato Bosco stands out for his histrionic personality and a particular sensitivity for dough and leavening. In his Bakery, his passion, his alchemy and his ideas take shape transforming into bread one day, and into pizza, but also great leavened products and pastries the next one. Among the products presented at Taste 2020, many cakes, such as the classic Colomba, and interesting novelties, such as the Pizza DoppioCrunch®.


SCUPPOZ LIQUORI, to toast together




The artisanal project “Scuppoz” – originally a popular word from Abruzzo that indicates an invitation to toast and celebrate - was born in the late 70s out of Benito Cicconi's passion for herbs and infusions. The first product is the Amaro Scuppoz, to which other experimental liqueurs and infusions have been added, such as the Ratafià and the Liquirizia.

LA VIA DEL TÈ, tea blends for every occasion




Whatever its packaging might be, from classic tins, to cotton muslin tea bags, to gift boxes, or herbal teas for purifying, relaxing and energizing, each La Via del Tè collection is the result of meticulous themed research, from the creation of recipes, to the choice of the very best raw materials, to the evocative blend names and packaging, with product lines that evoke an Italian sense of style and appreciation for good food and wine.