Guido Tommasi Editore’s special bookshop space also returns to Taste to celebrate the love of food and good cuisine.  
Inspired by the theme for this edition it will be called L'OVE.  A play on the words in Italian, a phonetic joke, an Anglo-dialectual linguistic license as well as a symbol: l’ovo, l’uovo, - the egg.  The symbol of creation, a thin shell that encloses a genetic concentrate of the past projected towards the future.  
The analogy with books is immediate. The egg and the book are perfect shapes, unchanged time capsules, cells that contain the memories and the power of new lives, repeatable memories, alchemic and biological tricks of ingredients and flavors.  People who write recipe books leave a mark in the present, people who read them and cook the recipes hand down traditions, knowledge and flavors tomorrow.  
Every time we open a recipe book and cook… we also love.  This is the new concept for the Guido Tommasi Editore cookbook shop created for Taste 2020 by Marco Marzini.  An exhibition about the egg and brief stories for a new EGGY love.