The theme of the 15th edition of TASTE

A love of food means delicacies, pleasure, passion, participation, play, eroticism, exchange, experimentation, tradition, ethics, esthetics. A love of food is serious, ironic, healthy, imaginative, irrepressible, pop. A love of food is inclusive, exclusive, shared, personal, rational, instinctive. It is temporary, it is enduring. A love of food is uncontrollable.
I LOVE FOOD, the theme of this edition of Taste will inspire a large installation in the Main Forecourt of the Teatro del Maggio, and will be organized into a series of I LOVE TALKS involving lots of guests.  
There will be a discussion about the seduction that passes through food, of the ingredients that inspire and the menus of love in L’amore è… goloso-Love is delicious; Relazioni Cibose!-Foodie Relations!, or how food helps us meet others, uniting and cementing relationships, from the story of the couple of food&{life}travel{ers} Alice Agnelli and Alessandro Adami of A Gipsy in the kitchen, to the relationships that are established between the exhibitors at Taste.  
We will compare food porn with the opposing trend for healthy and beneficial food with a champion like Csaba dalla Zorza; we will reflect on the fact that loving food means not wasting it - Food Forever? – from storage to the cooking of leftovers, from shopping to the choice of the ingredients to the apps that circulate unsold food .  

And lots more