10 new entries at TASTE to fall in love with

Here is a selection of the new entries at Taste. They all share a desire to play with flavors: from the decisive taste of wood roasted coffee, to the delicate essence of a small cookie concealing a surprise, passing through the power of honey aged in barriques.

ARUCI, tradition sweet tradition




Aruci produces its sweets like they used to be prepared long ago, with the same naturalness and authenticity of the ingredients used, proposing with clear dedication the old recipes typical of the Sicilian tradition. It is the story of a grandmother, Nonna Giorgina, who had a great passion for cookies and cakes and an innate ability to prepare them. Her sweet heritage, which has been handed down from generation to generation, sees her recipes still inside an oven that smells like biscuits: the same oven, which to this day her daughter and grandchildren use to make their very own delightful sweets.

BISC_OTTO, sweet messages




In a laboratory in Matera, food tradition meets food design. South African expat Mikaela Bandini reinvented a typical local cookie for an exciting artisanal version of the fortune cookie. Crunchy almond based meringues are vacuum packed individually, each with a special message. The perfect idea for a personalized gift that is guaranteed to bring a smile to everyone.

NOALYA, passion and research




Noalya is Alessio Tessieri, one of the leading chocolate experts, who in 1997 began his journey around the planet to select the best plantations and get the best cocoa. A never-ending journey that brought him to Venezuela, allowing his dream to come true: his very own plantation, which today has become the leading source for the supply of Noalya cocoa, the cultivated chocolate. Noalya guarantees a production chain that is unique: after a long journey, the cocoa is expertly processed in the plant in the heart of Tuscany. The art of roasting and the meticulous care taken with each process guarantees the constant quality of chocolate and gives life to the special and unique aromas of cocoa: from the intense scents of red fruit, to the sweet notes of dried fruit, and elegantly spicy endings.

OPIFICIO NUNQUAM, a toast to tradition




Since 1999, in this small workshop in the city of Prato, artisanal liquors have been produced without the use of machines and above all without the addition of artificial colorings or aromas. Produced following the original recipe from 1750, Vermouth Bianco di Prato had not previously been seen for over sixty years. The owners Cristina and Fabio, together with their daughter Lavinia, personally follow all phases in the production of their products, which include various kinds of amaro, bitters, historic liquors, gin and 5 different kinds of vermouth.

GIORGIO POETA, as sweet as honey




The company was founded on the hills overlooking Fabriano (AN), in the green Marches hinterland, where it practices nomadism with its very own beehives. The mission of the company is to protect bees, as is demonstrated by the BIO certified management of its own bees. Giorgio Poeta produces the only acacia honey in the world aged in French oak barrels. The resulting product is perfect: extremely delicate, for its aroma and taste, acacia honey is enriched by the balsamic and acidic notes derived from its aging in oak barrels. This product, used by the very best chefs worldwide, is joined by an acacia honey infused with star anise, idromiele (the oldest fermented drink in history), and a likewise unique Idromiele Barricato (aged in French oak barrels).

GARZOTTO ROCCO & FIGLIO, almond nougat that made history



The first Garzotto Rocco & Figlio nougat was conceived in 1840 from strictly Italian ingredients, with a manual skill and creativity that gave life to the artisanal production techniques and mechanical processes of nougat. A formula fruit of research onto perfection, which starts from the Port of Venice, with the ships of the Venetian Republic that sailed the Italian seas in search of the very best ingredients, and which continues in the laboratories of Cologna Veneta. Today, the custodians of this recipe responsible for making the history of nougat in Italy are the descendants of Rocco Garzotto, a family that has known how to keep intact the flavor of an ancient technique, without the use of artificial flavorings, additives, or semi-processed materials.


ETNEUM, the volcanic gin




Elegant, aromatic, generous, and bursting with energy, Etneum is a volcanic premium gin produced in small qualities from grain alcohol, juniper distillate, natural aromas, wild Sicilian flowers, and Sicilian citrus fruits including lemon and bergamot. It transforms the character of the Sicilian volcano – the largest active one in Europe – into an authentic product primed for mixology: the twist that makes all the difference to the great classics, that gives vigor to new experimentations.

TORREFAZIONE RONCHESE, love for raw materials




First founded in 1959, ever since it has maintained the same level of care with its raw materials, thanks to a traditional and artisanal wood roasting methodology, which is carefully followed in each phase by the master roaster. The company is present on the market with its Horeca and Consumer lines. Brand-new: the coffee filter for American coffee.


PASTICCERIA MEARINI, one biscuit leads to another




A team of second generation artisans that have been enjoying creating moments of quality and pleasure since 1977, in Tuscany, always keeping in mind the importance of tradition and a healthy nutrition – to taste one of Damiani Mearini’s brioches you’ll need to patiently wait for two days, as he respects the craft, the time of rising and resting. Among the most curious products, there are ‘I Fiammiferi’ (The Matchsticks): a fun matchstick-shaped biscuit, made of shortcrust pastry, covered with chocolate and inspired by the collection of match boxes that Damiano has been keeping since he was a kid.


MAKE AND BAKE, together it tastes better




Two friends, one of which is American, with a shared passion for cooking, met up in Florence and here, in 2019, launched an artisanal start-up that makes the tradition of homemade baked goods available to those increasingly assailed by the frenetic rhythms of daily life. Make and Bake produces gourmet mixes for American desserts with high quality Tuscan ingredients. Three recipes are available and can be prepared in just a few minutes without having to sacrifice the standards of Italian quality: Chocolate Chip Cookies, Chocolate Brownies and Classic Carrot Cake.