Taste 10

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The success of TASTE no. 10 at the Stazione Leopolda confirms Italy’s greatness in quality foods, research on tastes and it huge variety of gastronomic specialties.

Happy Taste 10!

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“The Taste formula continues to be a winner and the feedback at every edition is very enthusiastic”, says Agostino Poletto, deputy general manager of Pitti Immagine, “and, in the year of our tenth birthday, this is an important recognition for the work we have carried out to date with our exhibitors.

We have worked strategically on behalf of buyers and members of the trade, trying to refine the Taste format and make it even more attractive to high end food and wine professionals: and our exhibitors have confirmed the validity of this strategy, telling us that they encountered very high profile buyers – big department stores, the most important food stores and niche food and wine distributors – from both inside and outside Italy, who came to Florence to place orders and establish concrete business relationships.

All of this while continuing to open up to the public of quality food lovers that, at this edition, were more select than ever.

I would like to conclude by applauding all the events and special projects presented at the Stazione Leopolda – the very popular Rings, the spectacular installation by Vetreria Etrusca, and the special participation of our partner MINI – which, along with the packed program of Fuoriditaste events around town, turned this edition into a unique cultural and entertaining contemporary food happening. And, last but not least, we should not forget the success of the collaboration with the Galleria Palatina on the occasion of the Dolci Trionfi e Finissime Piegature exhibition, with the cocktail party held to celebrate the first ten years of the fair which included the participation of Manifattura Richard Ginori”.

Pitti Taste is not only the "good Taste" show, but also a real experience to live and tase through a special menu:

Taste Tour is the tasting itinerary – featuring products by the 320 participating firms - to become acquainted with and learn more about our country’s gastronomic treasures; a journey filled with discoveries, traditions and innovations: from handmade pasta by Italy’s major pasta producers to pork bresaola, to truffle-flavored zolfino beans, to baccalà (dried and salted cod), saffron and monkfish liver sauce, to apple strudel compote and passito-filled chocolates, with a stop along the way to taste chili pepper preserve and oyster beer …and lots more! 
Taste Tools, is the area devoted to food and kitchen design items – tools for the chef and anyone who loves to cook – clothing, technical and professional equipment for the kitchen; 
Taste Shop, this is the store featuring exclusive foods – with over 1,700 items in the catalogue and more than 23,000 items sold at the last edition. This is the place to buy the products displayed – and tasted – along the way;
Taste Ring & Taste Events, is the cultural-gastronomic arena, the place for debates and ideas orchestrated by the gastronaut Davide Paolini.  Here, the top experts from the world of food challenge each other on the most curious topics related to contemporary eating, food and taste, interpreting what is happening today and anticipating future trends. Plus there is a packed calendar of events – exhibitions, book presentations, cookery competitions organized by Pitti Immagine and the exhibitors, with the spotlights shining on the protagonists of the world of taste.
The numbers!

The fair organized by Pitti Immagine - the brainchild of Gastronaut Davide Paolini – was attended by a total of over 4,500 buyers and members of the trade, confirming the high attendance levels recorded at the last edition.  The top 10 of foreign buyers – who arrived from over 40 countries from around the world – was headed by United Kingdom, followed by Germany, United States, France, Japan, Spain, Switzerland, Russia, Norway and Holland.  There were excellent performances from the growing Far Eastern markets (Hong Kong and Singapore), as well as the United Arab Emirates. There was also a high amount of appreciation expressed by the public of just under 10,000 gourmands and foodies who visited over the three days of the event  We should also mention the high level of media attention that Taste now receives, with almost 550 Italian and foreign journalists accredited at this edition. 


.... And here you are some names:
The participating firms at this edition include: 
Acetaia Paltrinieri, Acquerello, Anhelo Caffè, Birra del Borgo, Branchi Prosciutti Cotti, Caseificio Gennari, Caseificio Pinzani, Cioccolato La Molina, Devodier Prosciutti, Domori, Frantoio di Santa Tea, Friultrota, Il Borgo del Balsamico, Il Genovese Pesto Fresco, Krumiri Rossi, La Fattoria di Parma, La Nicchia Pantelleria, Lenti Pregiata Forneria, Macelleria Salumeria Zivieri Massimo, Martelli Famiglia di Pastai dal 1926, Pastai Gragnanesi Società Cooperativa, Rocca Stefano dal 1986 “La Bottarga”, Scyavuru, Tartufi Stefania Calugi, Zafferano Puro in Fili and Zolla 14 Organic Farm Project.

And among the new entries: Acetaia Malpighi, Coop. Della Lenticchia di Castelluccio, Finissimo Mandorlato, Guido Castagna, Il Fiorino, Orizzonti del pescatore, Pane e Pace, Pasticceria Cerniglia, Riserva San Massimo, Salumificio Sapori Mediterranei-Gal Le Macine, Slitti, Tiare and VKA – Organic Vodka Made in Tuscany.   


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We have collected a series of comments and feedback about this edition of Taste from the buyers who came to Florence
Florence Lee, Manager GFF – Global Fine Foods, Hong Kong
“This is our first time at Taste.  We came here from Hong Kong mainly to look for typical food and wine products, family-made produce and products that are interesting because of the history behind them.  And I must say we found exactly what we were looking for!  Pitti offers a very high level in terms of the quality of the products displayed, and the organization is decidedly superior compared to other international food fairs.  The design and layout are also very good, everything has been studied right down to the smallest detail.  I think those are the things that make the difference”.
Roberto Fazzina, L’Enoteca CBG Wine Store , Madrid
“Taste is a truly complete and well organized event, and the location is very special and unique of its kind.  This, my second visit to the fair, confirmed that Taste is a high level event that manages to cleverly bring together the excellence of Italian producers.  Here you find traditional products that have something extra: reworked, enriched by experimentation, they are always innovative proposals that do not overlook quality, which is consistently of the highest standard.  The dimensions of Taste are very user-friendly, truly buyer-sized.  Plus the Rings and all the fringe events like FuoridiTaste are very interesting, they are always worth investigating.”
Livio Colapinto, Personal Food Consultant & Travel Guide - Eli Zabar, New York
“This is our first time at Taste which we discovered on our clients’ suggestion.  Our expectations were very high: we had been told that Taste is getting better at every edition, and I must say that is perfectly right. This is an exceedingly high level event that covers the panorama of the best Italian food and wine.  Even though Taste is a relatively small fair, every space here is cleverly used and organized, and the design is very trim and functional.  During the year I have had the opportunity to visit various international events devoted to food, but Taste’s exhibition format is maybe one of the few that is perfectly suited to people on both sides of the counter .  Three days here was a very intense experience!”. 
Rahel Berhe, founder, La Dolce Vita, Abu Dhabi
“In my business I am always on the lookout for niche products that stand out for their particular features and quality.  At Taste that is exactly what I found: this is the first time I have come here and I think I will definitely be returning, there is no doubt that it is one of the most interesting events on an international level.  I made lots of very valid contacts and will initiate business relations with some companies.  It is a very high level event and it would be interesting to export the format to other places, like Abu Dhabi, for example.  I am sure that it would be a great success!”.
Beatrice Ughi e Danielle Aquino, founder, Gustiamo.com, New York
“We have taken part in Taste for several editions now and it has become an unmissable event for us, a unique opportunity for people like us who offer the excellences of Italian food.  It is important for meeting the companies we work with but also for selecting new products and new producers to sell on the US market and through our delicatessen portal.  For us it is also important because in the United States we work a lot on a promotional level, we have contacts with the press and food bloggers to whom we can propose the new trends and ideas we find here at Taste”.
Edmund Chan, business development manager, Orchard Hills, Singapore
“I like Taste a lot and, at each edition, I find new products for my research into Italian excellence.  I think the Taste Shop is a fantastic tool for us international buyers.  It gives us a chance to buy samples of the products in the quantities we want.  At this edition I also had the chance to try out Fuoriditaste which was a very stimulating experience!”
Stefano Robino, Guidetti Fine Foods, UK
“Taste is always a great exhibition. Every edition, including this one, showcases a selection of the best producers: at Taste you will be sure to find the most innovative products in the pretty vaste Italian food market. This edition it was a very good chance for me to meet some of my current suppliers but also to establish new contacts with potential new suppliers. I think that the general atmosphere was quite nice and warm, the staff was very responsive to our questions and suggestions, all was perfect in terms of hospitality. I think it would be important to increase the possibility  to have a proper dedicated moment just for traders, or to find other solutions to facilitate contacts between producers and buyer. Maybe adding a whole day or a specific badge.”
Elena Lebedeva, CEO, Ginza Project Catering, Russia

“Great thanks one more time to the team of Taste, for the excellent organization of the fair, for the best selection of Italian eno-gastronomic suppliers, for the fantastic hospitality. Taste is the real Paradise for gourmets! A very friendly and business-oriented atmosphere, excellent-planned logistic. Also at this edition I had a lot of useful meetings and contacts and I hope that the trade limits between our countries will be cancelled soon and we will be ready to establish collaborations with the best partners I met at the fair.” 


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Interview with Riccardo Bartolozzi, one of the owners of Vetreria Etrusca

It is hard to believe that a product that is part of our daily life, like a glass container, can become the star of a surprising installation that gives a nod to those artistic compositions we admire so much in the world of design. This is the magic of glass at Taste: an explosion of creativity from Vetreria Etrusca, a leading manufacturer of speciality glass containers, with a design project curated by architect Alessandro Moradei. 
Vetreria Etrusca will be the force behind an eye-catching installation of bottles welcoming visitors at the entrance of Stazione Leopolda; and another artistic composition of 1000 bottles in maxi format will create an original line of lampshades, lighting the way on the Taste Tour. 

We interviewed Riccardo Bartolozzi, one of the owners of Vetreria Etrusca, who told us a little more about the project and his company. 


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On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Taste, the fair will feature the special participation of MINI. A new creative association between two worlds, that of MINI and PITTI IMMAGINE, which share common values and objectives, based on an approach marked by innovation and the most unconventional choices. At Taste MINI will be on the first floor of the Spazio Alcatraz with a special lounge – the 5 Caffè, where it will be possible to savor 5 different types of coffee and chocolate. The 5 Caffè project is one of several initiatives scheduled which will also feature the New 5 door MINI, at the 5 Club, on the ground floor of the Spazio Alcatraz. 


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Pitti Immagine is helping TASTE celebrate its tenth anniversary edition by collaborating with the Galleria Palatina of Palazzo Pitti, directed by Matteo Ceriana,in the production of the exhibition Dolci Trionfi e Finissime Piegature. Sculture in zucchero e tovaglioli per le nozze fiorentine di Maria de’ Medici, one of the Florentine events presented during EXPO 2015. 

The exhibition, curated by Giovanna Giusti and Riccardo Spinelli, is dedicated to the famous banquet held in Palazzo Vecchio on the evening of 5 October 1600, on the occasion of the proxy wedding of Maria de’ Medici and Henry IV, king of France celebrated in Florence. The exhibition will be open from 10 March to 7 June 2015.  
A special preview of the exhibition and cocktail reception for the exhibitors, buyers and press who will be in Florence for TASTE will take place  in the Sala Bianca in Palazzo Pitti  on Saturday 7 March from 7:00 to 9:30 p.m.. In addition, the exhibition will be open specially for TASTE guests from 3:30 to 6:45 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday, 7-8 March.
Manifattura Richard Ginori will also be making a contribution to the preview cocktail party with a setting, inspired by the Medici banquet and designed specifically for the occasion.

The Pitti Immagine contribution to the exhibition includes the production of the film "Creando l'Effimero” curated by Angelo Teardo, Amos Kahana & Vassili Spiropoulos: “making of” dedicated to the Fonderia del Giudice, the historic artistic foundry in Florence that is making the sugar sculptures for the exhibition and to the Catalan artist, Joan Sallas who masterfully folded the napkins, recreating the extraordinary decorations for the wedding banquet. 

Fuori di Taste

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Do you want to take part in Fuori di Taste 2015 calendar of events? With a tasting, a presentation, a debate or a performance?


Fuori di Taste is the calendar of “outside the fair” with food and wine events that bring Florence into the heart of TASTE and features the city’s restaurants, gourmet shops, boutiques, art galleries, theaters and museums.

Fuori di Taste will light up the city and its places of excellence with themed tasting sessions and dinners, shows and performances, events and new ways of presenting quality foods.


Or visit www.fuoriditaste.it and www.pittimmagine.com for the gallery and info about past events.