New discoveries, tradition, safeguarding the region: these are the buzzwords that inspired the research into the brands and products present at Taste 2019. There are lots of new features this year, all ready to astonish and create tasty connections between companies, members of the trade and food lovers. The three versions of the Sciuscillone di Teggiano capsicums produced by the I segreti di Diano brand have already won over the most demanding chefs. We are in Lucania, the land in which this young company cultivates this precious vegetable on small plots in order to intensify its excellence and make manual processing possible. The natural drying process is followed by the creation of “Starìci” (crunchy flakes of capsicum, also called “crusco”), “Pòrva” (the spice) and, finally, “Cuòrno” (the whole dried capsicum with its unmistakable shape). The products of the Salina di Cervia, the northernmost salt-works in Italy, also identify themselves with a whole region. In addition to the typical unrefined salt which is sweet due to the absence of bitter chlorides, the stand at Taste will also feature salts with aromatic herbs and the new products in the Linea Benessere body-care line. Another new entry at Taste has profound links with the environment in which it operates and passes on its traditions: Marinati di Comacchio, the brand which reveals the flavors of very fresh eels and anchovies fished in the Po delta and processed in the Work and Services social factory. We journey from the plate to the glass with Bianca Vigna, the farm in the Alta Marca Trevigiana district which stands out for its qualitative rigor and its links to the solid tradition of Prosecco. There are a great many “healthy” proposals underlining what is no longer just a trend but a well-established current in food culture. Like the 100% organic made in Tuscany Spirulina from Severino Becagli: the valuable alga with a very high concentration of proteins, vitamins and antioxidants is cultivated on the San Lorenzo estate in Grosseto in tanks placed inside automated greenhouses that preclude any contamination. Friscous© Petramaré is also an innovative foodstuff that combines low gluten durum wheat with the flavor of mother yeast and the antioxidant properties of curcuma. In all, a super couscous from Salento made with locally produced raw materials mixed by master bakers. It is also served by Heinz Beck in his restaurant La Pergola. On the subject of natural diets, Mimima Granola represents a young experience that focuses on the substance of the product and the simplicity of the packaging: a mixture of oats, seeds, dried fruits and nuts. Also arriving at Taste is the bio-philosophy of Monthea founded by two young entrepreneurs from Bolzano who want to revolutionize the concept of infusions: their products are made using hand-picked fruits, flowers and leaves - apple, raspberry, mint, strawberry, blueberry, blackberry, elderberry – with their beneficial properties. The same attention to respecting the environment can be found in the packs of spices and aromatic herbs from NOTEdi: sage, rosemary, fennel and precious saffron in powder and pistils. Finally, a reinterpretation focused on wellbeing: Salumerie di mare, the company from Livorno, brings fish “coppa” to Taste, squid lard, seafood mortadella and swordfish sausage. Basically the classic cured meats but made from fish with no saturated fats but rich in Omega 3.