Dirk Bikkembergs

For the first time ever all the desginer's world

Stazione Leopolda

Dirk Bikkembergs' show for the first time in Florence, host of Pitti Immagine Uomo.
Belgian 41 year-old, Bikkembergs is among the designers who have most influenced the evolution of dress in the last decade of the Twentieth Century thanks to a relentless research. Graduated from the Academy of Antwerp, is part of the "Antwerp Six", which in the mid-eighties burst onto the scene and immediately became prominent figures in the international fashion scene.
The designer debuted in 1986 with a collection of shoes, which soon joined shirts, knitwear and leather garments. Its distinctive feature is that of a strong, uncompromising, which reinterprets and reinvents the classic themes such as the military and giving it a sporty version of great design, unique style. A figure agile, athletic, accessories such as focal point: in the foreground shoes, aggressive, innovative, profoundly affect the whole market.
In Florence Bikkembergs present, for the first time in his creative history, his entire "world":
  - Dirk Bikkembergs (clothing and footwear)
  - Bikkembergs (line made thinking about a young target)
  and finally an absolute world premiere:
  - A new collection dedicated to jeans, a project to study long
 - A line of footwear Bikkembergs
All collections are produced in Italy.
Bikkembergs is also the meeting place between a refined international projects and the great Italian production capacity, a central theme of the promotional activity of Pitti Immagine