Roberto Cavalli

Between dream and reality: the story of a fashion artist

Salone dei Cinquecento di Palazzo Vecchio

On the occasion of the opening of the boutique in Via Tornabuoni and of Il Caffè di Roberto Cavalli, the stylist will launch his men’s collection for 2002/03 in his home town: in the Salone dei Cinquecento of Palazzo Vecchio.

The Museo degli Argenti of Palazzo Pitti will host an exhibition dedicated to the stylist’s work over the last twenty years: more and more and more, by Franca Sozzani and Italo Rota

More like more fantasy, more research, more liberty.
More like a boundless dream of pleasing oneself and others, like the desire for charm and sex-appeal.
More like creativity without limits and without conditioning but with the single must of fascination.
An exhibition under the sign of “creative delirium” where the fantastic and the real fuse to make a new dimension.
Fashion becomes a game and the game amusement.
Irony is the subtle thread that binds everything and makes even those moments of kitch deliberately used to debunk an old style of luxury.
A light blue felt hanging lined with fur and tulle.
Embroidered jeans done in unusual sizes become “televisions” through technical procedures that animate the faces of celebrities.
Proportions and perspectives change and the world of “savages” is transformed into an unexpected jungle made of thousands of fabric variants.
A patchwork of spots and zebra stripes.
As in a fantastic trunk of the future, one glimpses a multitude of surprising figures, with unusual hair styles,  dressed in stupendous, unique suits.
The ordinary becomes extraordinary and dream reality. A new, different, original reality: Roberto Cavalli.

Palazzo Pitti                          January 12 - February 3
Museo degli Argenti              8.30 a.m. - 1.50 p.m.