La fura del Baus

Catalan group La Fura dels Baus' show guest of Classico Italia.

Piazza Pitti

Piazza Pitti, 19 June 2002

The show by the Catalan group, La Fura dels Baus, guests of Classico Italia.

In the Fall of the Archangel, an actor flying above the piazza beating his great wings and falls slowly earthwards.

In the Descent into Hell: seven actors/acrobats in costume, representing the deadly sins, descend the façade of the palazzo towards Hell. The actors wear costumes designed by seven Valencia fashion designers, which collaborates in the project through the Biennale of Valencia. Various Companies of Classico Italia have contributed to the interpretation of these sculptures-costumes.

At this point of the performance two enourmous hour-glasses appear, the intimation of the infinite sands of time running on.

The Expiation of Sin is symbolised by a wheel driven by the efforts of enchained human figures and accompanied by loud creaking, noises and flashes of light. Only repetance and the passage of time can heal the wounds.

The Ressurrection of the Soul is represented through light and sound effects which involve the public, creating a sensation of fragmentation which recalls the infinite multiplicity of sins and of sinners. At the end the dead souls are resurrected, reacquiring their bodily form

The Slow Ascension towards the divine. With the assistance of the crane, the thirty actors/acrobats perform a spectacular aerial choreography which symbolically represents the dawning of awareness.

Paradise When the celestial ballet ends, the sky is lit up by a vast firework display. The human soul has finally reached Eden.