Maurizio Galante

A special event to celebrate the Galleria del Costume's 20th Anniversary

Galleria del Costume di Palazzo Pitti

18 June 2003, Galleria del Costume - Palazzo Pitti

A very important event will be held on the evening of Wednesday, 18 June the day before the opening of the 64th edition of Pitti Immagine Uomo: the twentieth anniversary of the Galleria del Costume. And Pitti Immagine has decided to celebrate it in a very unique way – a special evening created by Maurizio Galante. The Paris-based, Italian born (in 1963) Galante conceived a celebration-show in several parts in the fabulous setting of the Palazzo Pitti.

In the Sala del Fiorino mime-actors will perform and repeat a men’s/women’s couture showing of the designer’s historic collection worn by “fashion dolls”. Silk and precious details, exceptional workmanship, sophisticated looks – seen and unseen garments reproduced in miniature format according to the customs of the nineteenth century. An unusual and breathtaking presentation accompanied by choral music, directed by Bruce Mayer.

In the Palazzina della Meridiana, the permanent home of the Galleria del Costume, there will be a special setting for six of Maurizio Galante’s historic items, three of which will be donated to the museum.

The Giardino della Meridiana, will be the setting for a full scale showing of the new Maurizio Galante n.0 men’s collection. An exclusive preview of a new chapter in the history of design and style: sophisticated simplicity and superb details. Special guest appearances.

These conversation pieces encourage approach and communication, expressing a gentle, definetely positive vibe, inviting a smile.
Built on separates, the collection offers affordable, almost basic items to match with elaborate designs. An eclectic array of complementary contrests:
timeless paired with contemporary, handamade with industrial, everyday mixed with exotic, shy opposing eccentric.
Irrational versus rational _ forgetting reason, ignoring seasons. The collection touches the various facets of a man’s warrobe; occasional eveningwear, almost classic pieces, shirtings, outerwear, knits, intimate wear, jeanswear, leather and fur.
A collection completed by jeweled accessory_garments; hybrid objects of desire.

Maurizio Galante:
"The first time was for ballet costumes: it was my first important job and Pitti Immagine was a unique opportunity. It was almost by accident that I found myself participating in a project: a large panel indicated Pitti Filati and I was one of the four designers selected by the yarn manufacturer.
For the dancers I had imagined costumes that would highlight gestures and feelings. Then, as today, I assembled unusual materials – difficult marriages with exciting results. I drew pleasure from animating those objects. But first I had to try and try again, choose and coordinate meters and meters of knitted fabric, like endless tentacles in an almost obsessive repetition of stripes.
Then, I had to make them dance: grays with whites, pinks with blacks.
I am returning to Pitti with the same enthusiasm. And as then, I am aware that this Florentine experience will at least change my life a little.
This time, too, I have assembled different situations and conditions: a magnificent, history-filled place; the portion of my work that is most closely tied to feelings and a men’s collection that looks towards my future that I call “0”.
It is a “0” that wants to express a starting point, an embryo, a pleasing new start to rediscover the gusto of my work even more. There, where men’s fashions are a sophisticated study of immense universes in millimetric detail, speaking softly to hide the feelings between the words. Joy."